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Linen scarf

16% OFF $47.00 NOW $39.38 $47.00 $47.00 $47.00 $47.00 $47.00 16% OFF $47.00 NOW $39.38 $47.00 $47.00 16% OFF $47.00 NOW $39.38


Now a staple, our linen scarves exude style, comfort, and timeless appeal, and since they are made of linen, they are also incredibly soft.

Perfect for everyday wear, our linen scarves come in gorgeous hues of greys, blues, pink, and white, and are machine-washable.


Pssst…Check out how Steve wears his every day on his bike

• Pure linen
• Made in France
• Suitable for children, men and women
• Machine washable
• Dimensions: 60 × 180 cm

Availability: 4 available
$39.38 +$5.70 (P&P) - FREE to collect from BODIE and FOU (London W3)

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