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10 things you need to create an inspiring workspace

Creating inspiring workspaces is one of my favourite things…
I simply can’t function properly in a working space that doesn’t inspire me, it’s just simple as that!

We are very lucky now that our offices are actually based in a beautiful, industrial space where I could easily move in and turn it into a loft (if that was ever an option) but it wasn’t always the case. The first years of running the business, we had some pretty shitty workspaces with no heat etc. and the only way I found myself coping with my surrounding environments was to create a little, inspiring corner to focus on. So here are a few of my tips which you could put into practice this weekend or next week.
1/ Find yourself a wall
And use it as your blank canvas to create a moodboard, a backdrop that will inspire you. Facing a wall may be seen as not very social (but who cares!?), it’s about creating your own little corner of inspiration so when you turn around to face your colleagues, you can actually smile ;-)
2/ Be organised
I used these fab wire letter trays on my desk to put things away (invoices to pay/invoices paid) then once a month, I empty these trays to file all my overheads and stock invoices into folder. It’s simple and works a charm.
3/ Make your space personal
In the city (London’s financial district), people work from hot desks (my worse nightmare) but I suspect most of you have a dedicated desk… You don’t need to splash your personal life with family photos but you can still create a mood board that will reflect your personality and creativity and if you use any of these masking tapes or clipboards, you can easily update your mood board regularly.
4/ Think outside the box
I use a lot of vases for anything except putting flowers. For instance, I have been using this cute Owl vase for years to store paint brushes and pencils. In the same way, I will use simple vessels or a mason jar like I did here to display flowers.
5/ Mix modern & vintage
Total look is boring. Mix and match things from your childhood, things you care about with new, contemporary designs.
6/ Have a desk lamp
I actually use this clip-on light a lot at work and I have a Tolomeo from Artemide at home but its important to have your own lamp rather than relying on the ceiling light. Desk lamps will make your workspace more intimate and secure, especially where you work late at night.
7/ Display art
I always have one or two art prints to look, mixed with a few B&W photos of the people I love. It’s a lot more attractive than a spreadsheet and post-it notes
8/ Get a comfy chair
Stools look great but realistically, you want a chair that will not hurt your bum when you sit hours on it. I have a vintage Eames chair which I love but get the best chair you can afford – one of my favourite is this Knot chair, which is both stylish and comfortable. You won’t see me near any of these ugly chair specifically designed for offices but I think it’s pretty easy to find a chair that is both well-designed and comfortable.
9/ Pile up on the notebooks
I’m a list person. I do list, get on with it, tick them and move on to the next one and I have notebooks for everything, to write recipe, decoration ideas, addresses of great shops, masterplan, fitness plan…and they are all black, and they all look super cool on my desk hahaha
10/ Get yourself this paper bin!
I’m not kidding. If there is one thing you need to get out of my whole list, get one of these.
In fact, use one of Ikea’s cheap plastic bin to put it inside so you can throw away the remaining of your lunch without soiling your beautiful paper bag but just get one!

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