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2 weeks healthy challenge: Update 1

Shortly after writing about this creative challenge, we left to go on holidays in our house in France (featured below in Côté Ouest magazine) and the first week, I really didn’t feel like sitting in front of a computer which I think is a good sign. Instead I focused on eating clean, giving up coke zero and not dieting but changing my whole lifestyle and eating habits…

As per my beach checklist + yoga download post here, I was planning to do Jason Vale’s 7 days juicing plan but the recipes didn’t really work for my Nutribullet (which blends not juices) so I switched challenged to have a daily green smoothie and focused on eating things that do not come out of a packets. When you shop for food at the supermarket with this in mind, you will see that you end up buying a lot of fruits and vegetables.
How is this going so far?
*Coke zero
I’m on week 4 of giving up Coke Zero which was before, a daily sugar fix (watch Hungry for change documentary on Netflix if you can). Week 1 was hard and I craved for it every single day. Week 2 was better but still craving for it (each time I had a craving I drank water). Week 3 the cravings were gone. Week 4: Coke is history #notlookingback).
*Green smoothies
The more I drink them the more I love them. I like mine to be green packed so I can keep my daily fruit ration for snack. I usually use cucumber, lamb leaves, celery, lime or lemon, chia seeds, spirulina and water and add + a slice of pineapple or 2/3 strawberries but the more I drink them, the greener they become.
Interestingly enough, I hate raw pineapple and celery but love the former in a smoothie and can’t taste the second one once blended and on the plus side, I’m starting to lose weight.
Talking of losing weight, I’ve changed my focus. I spent the last 9 years trying to lose the baby weight without major successes. I used to run 40K/week, did Bikram Yoga 4 times/week, had a very healthy diet yet but that didn’t stop me from snacking on sugar and eventually I was hit by a mild depression last November (weight was one of the issues that brought me down).
Since then, I’ve decided to tackle the problem differently and kick off refined sugars from my system. If you watch the documentary above, you will see how refined sugars keep us addicted to more sugars and carbs.

I gave them up too but I treat myself once a week to a very tasty salad with fresh tomatoes and Buffalo mozzarella.
* Gluten
I gave up gluten last year but for the sake of eating things that do not come out of a packet, I have focused our meals around fresh salads and BBQ rather than grains, quinoa or pasta based dishes (I will re-introduce them later)
* Alcohol
I had 3 glasses last week and 2 this week. I don’t feel I’m missing out on anything. In fact, my body is craving for more green juices and it will probably be the next thing I give up.
* Meat
Rather than eating red meats, we have been focused on lean proteins such as chicken & turkey in the shape of delicious brochettes (kebabs) from the butcher.

So overall, a very good week!
I haven’t touched any biscuits, chocolate or refined sugars since the beginning of our holidays and I intent to stay away from them. I’m convinced that if I have one biscuit, I will get addicted to it again and frankly when you start eating fresh fruit salad and train your body to get good food, you will no longer crave for ice creams or chocolate etc. I’m not saying that when Mila eats a chocolate biscuit I don’t want one. I do because I remember how nice it tastes but I do not crave for it which makes willpower and mind games a lot easier.

The real challenge for me will be to carry on this healthy lifestyle when we are back in London next week so during our last few days at the beach, I’ll be focusing on eating greener, drinking more water and increasing my daily green smoothies intake. In any case, come and join me on on Instagram for some daily updates and snapshots of France. Have a fab, healthy Wednesday

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// Photography: Eric d’Hérouville for Côté Ouest magazine, June 2014

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  1. Nice work! I’ve been trying to do something similar but then my birthday appeared and all hell broke loose with a LOT of cake and wine. Back on track now! Green juices are still not something I’m quite ready to take the leap with, but you might just inspire me yet!

  2. Je ne suis pas encore en vacances (Dimanche direction la Dordogne !) mais j’ai essayé tout le printemps de perdre 2 kilos gagnés aux sports d’hiver (raclettes etc…) sans succès et il y a 1 mois sans y prêter attention les 2 kilos se sont envolés avec l’arrivée des grosses chaleurs et du coup d’une alimentation naturellement plus légère (salades, fruits, etc…). Tous les samedis je fais le plein de fruits et légumes au marché, été comme hiver ;mais je pense que notre corps réclame une nourriture plus consistante l’hiver

  3. Anonymous says

    Hello Karine

    I’m looking for kitchen ideas; mine is opened and in the attic so it’s like if I have a double challenge there! In most of editorial imagery the dishes are always white, would you recommend this safe option too?

    Sorry this isn’t related to your diet post, I’m doing one too but yours sounds slightly too restrictive to me hehe but good luck with it!

  4. Anonymous says

    Hello Carine,
    Please do not forget to enjoy life’s pleasures!
    It is all in the mix. I allow myself to eat everything, always.
    Maybe that is why I have no cravings (oops, not often).
    As long as you eat 51 percent good food it’s okay.
    Even bread, meat, milk are not bad for your body.
    Having the same (low) weight for over 30 years now, I think I do it not completely wrong.
    I eat a lot of bread, vegetables, fruits, yoghurt, fish and green smoothies!
    And just some meat, cakes, but no sugarfree products (when I like to have it sweet, I eat real sugar or cane sugar). Sorry for the long comment. You make it!

  5. Hi Manuela

    Thanks for your comment but I’m good:-) I’m a foodie and I love eating so I make sure that I enjoy what I eat.
    I’m not dieting, I’m changing the way I eat and bread may not be bad but each time I eat some I get bloated like I’m 9 months pregnant so I listen to my body. Different people will react to different things and since I have taken refined sugars from what I eat, I had no craving for junk food

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  7. test boost elite says

    Great tips there, I also stopped drinking alcohol and instead supplemented with green tea and green juices. I also occasionally take organic supplements to supplement my diet instead of junk foods that i see most people eating and so I know am living healthy.

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