Month: May 2007

Hug O War

I’ve just came across this Japanese website Hug o War on Designer’s Block and it’s the most delightful website I have seen in a long time. The old school book style of the site is very pretty and the kids modelling are adorable. Browse the kids section, they have really nice pictures of teddy bears and socks…very nice.

Lovely compliment from Elle Interior Norway

We’ve just received a nice email from Cecilie, Journalist at Elle Interior Norway who wrote: “I regularly visit the site and think there are a lot of wonderful items” and we can’t think of a better way to start the week than receiving nice feedback!Thanks Cecilie!

Spotting Helena Christensen over the weekend

We saw Helena Christensen at the Daylesford Organic Farm shop in The Cotswolds, Gloucestershire and I have to say she is really beautiful and looked very nice and friendly. She was taken by Mila and gave her a big smile, which is always nice. I wish I had the courage to ask her if I could take her picture of her and Mila but then I thought it was probably the last thing she wanted to do on her weekend….Anyway, she made Steve’s day as she has always been his favourite top model.I was also very inspired by how home accessories and clothes were displayed at the Barmford Barn on the Daylesford Estate.