Year: 2007

Photo of Elodie

I took this picture of Elodie almost 16 years ago. I used to take a lot of B&W photos of her & our kid brother Francois. It was really cool & fun. I’m slowly going back to it using Mila & Lily as models now. I love this picture not only because I think my sister is beautiful but because on this photo, she has something of a young Charlotte Gainsbourg.

Hug O War

I’ve just came across this Japanese website Hug o War on Designer’s Block and it’s the most delightful website I have seen in a long time. The old school book style of the site is very pretty and the kids modelling are adorable. Browse the kids section, they have really nice pictures of teddy bears and socks…very nice.

Jacqueline Morabito: my interiors fix

To start your weekend in a relaxing mood, here are more inspiring interiors pictures from Jacqueline Morabito…. For someone as talented and renowned as Morabito, it’s actually quite tricky to find photos of her designs but I’m delighted I’ve found these on the front cover of I’m home, a Japanese magazine. The right one is a picture of her lounge and I’ve always loved the simple lines of the fireplace and the furniture she designed.

Our favourite Interior Designer: Jacqueline Morabito

Jacqueline Morabito is without a doubt one of the most talented French Interior Designer & Architect and Elodie & I have always been huge fans of her simple, contemporary, minimalist style which she often mixed beautifully with vintage pieces. Below are pictures of a house she designed in the south of France (in the heart of an oak grove) now on the market…in case you were looking for a beautiful French home to live in happy ever after. Morabito’s style hugely influenced us when we designed the BODIE and FOU website and put together the first collection….In fact, she is one of the few persons I would love to

Loving Danish Designs: Part 3: Birgit Oestergaard

I discovered Birgit Østergaard 2 years ago at Maison & Objet in Paris where I go regularly to outsource innovative, unique designs for BODIE and FOU and Wheredidyoubuythat.comI fell in love with her lighting designs made of sailcloth on the spot so I was really pleased that she let BODIE and FOU introduce all her lighting designs online!Birgit is an artist and the aesthetic expression is crucial to her work. The sculptural idea for the sailcloth series came to life at an exhibition at the art museum in Aarhus in 1999.What set her designs apart is that her amazing lights can evolve in your home as this unique piece of art in constant development and as the owner of one of her pieces, you actually take part in the design process and form your own luminous sculpture to create a contemporary piece of art. There aren’t necessarily the most affordable lights but you get more than just a light, you get a piece of Birgit’s Art and I find her designs inspired by Nordic’s natural …

Happy customer

We received a lovely email from a customer on Saturday….She wrote: “I placed an order with you yesterday afternoon – and it arrived this morning at 8am! Thank you – what fantastic service. (You are my new secret weapon for all sorts of gifts, a hit every time.)” It always feels good to make our customers happy and satisfied but it was also very nice that this kind lady took the time to write to us. So if you have had a particularly good or bad experience, do not hesitate to contact us as your comments and suggestions can only help us to get better and provide you with better services.

Welcome to BODIE and FOU Blog

HelloI’m Karine, French and the “Fou” part of BODIE and FOU. My sister Elodie is the other part of our brand name. For the little story, Bodie has been Elodie’s nickname since she was little and Fou (which means mad in French) was the nickname that Steve, my partner (a kiwi so not quite fluent in French), gave me when we met because he thought I was mad……Given that we launched BODIE and FOU two weeks before I gave birth while relocating to Bristol and renovating a house in France, I guess he wasn’t far from the truth….Bodie and I were raised in the South West of France, amongst the beauty, sobriety and monochromatic landscape of the Atlantic Coast. Our family life involved travelling round the region with our rugby playing father and our mum who would use each trip to indulge her love of flea markets, gradually accumulating huge heaps of finds as dad scored tries. Small wonder then that as little Bodie and I grew up among the stacks of interiors magazines and …