Month: August 2008

Bonjour mon coussin

Today I received a lovely email from Claire Eglizeaud et Paul Moreau, the French stylist and designer behind Bonjour mon Coussin. They’ve designed a fantastic range of cushions which are inspired by vintage maps of Paris or vintage bus and tube tickets….and their cushions are very affordable! Only 34 Euros which is perfect if you want to update a tired sofa in no time. I had read lots of good things about Bonjour mon Coussin before and remembered thinking it was cool to see some great designs coming from Bordeaux, which is where I went to Uni. Here are my favourites…inspired by Russia, old advertising, a vintage optician poster and even a copy of a wedding certificate from the registry office. All the cushions are made in France To buy one of these lovely, quirky cushions, simply go to Their site is available in English too.