Year: 2009

One cool, must-have bracelet on my list…..

Christmas + Day 3…a very in-active afternoon which felt really good….The boys are watching a DVD (after going to bed at 8am today that’s all they can manage…), Mila and Lily are playing on the computer, Elodie is sewing a blouse for Lily supervised by her ‘sewing’ Jedi (our mum) while I was looking for inspiration to decorate Mila’s bedroom in our new family house in London.I’m looking at the pics I took over the past few days…so many happy moments…Christophe offered a beautiful La Trop bag and a leather wrist wrap by Clare Vivier to Bodie and after seeing this gorgeous bracelet on her, I know now that I will treat myself to one when we go back to work. When the stock arrived, they were so beautifully wrapped that I didn’t dare to unwrap one in case I would do a crappy job to put it back but this bracelet is looking even more gorgeous in reality than on the photo.

Joyeux Noel et bonne annee

The last four weeks have been mental at the warehouse, we’ve been inundated by orders, more than we expected…and as a consequence we had to work from 8am until 11pm most days and weekends. I can’t tell you how exhausted I was….As soon as we closed BODIE and FOU for the holidays on Tuesday, I rushed home, gift-wrapped a few more presents and packed my bag as we were up the day after at 4am to catch our flight to France to spend the holidays with the family….I finally managed to have a good night sleep and slightly recovered but the last thing I feel doing is spending more time on my computer so I just wanted to wish you all a fabulous Christmas with your family.I hope you get the chance to rest and have some quality time with the people you love!Thank you for all your lovely comments, contributions and inspirationLots of lovexoxoKarineMontage from the fabulous sfgirlbybay

Very excited to be in Harper’s Bazaar

Well this was in the October issue but that how quick I am!The truth is that things have been so busy that I haven’t had a chance to check all our press but yesterday I got an email from Mia-Louise, the talented designer of these beautiful, handmade prints who was over the moon and very grateful that we managed to get her work featured in Harper’s Bazaar. Personally I would like to thank Emma Love who put this Mono Mania featured together. Don’t you love Harper’s Bazaar!? I wish I had copy of this issue :-( I remember perfectly when Mia-Louise and I started working together. She contacted me to see if I was interested in stocking her prints on B&F and one look at them and I was like……Hellooo!! Yeah! I just thought they were really beautiful and unique. We got them featured first in The Independent around October 2 years ago and gosh…the response was absolutely amazing. I think we were selling something like 40 a week….I was emailing Mia-Louise almost every day …

The email from Irish Tatler that set me on fire today

So today, between thousands of things to do, I took 5 min to write a press release about La Tropezienne leather tote bag (tote leather bag not sure how it goes…) and within 2 minutes, I got a wonderful email from the Editor of Irish Tatler magazine (yes exactly!) who wrote: “Can you tell me where I can find this exact bag on the site so that I can order it? It’s the bag I’ve been waiting to find forever!” It took me a split second to answer and another split second for my energy level to hit the roof! I was on fire and I can’t believe how many bags we’ve sold in a week!Now, I really really like this leather wrist wrap with studs from Clare Vivier, the designer of La Trop…it costs around £49….What do you think? Shall we go for it??

A Day at BODIE and FOU Via The Beat That My Heart Skipped

The Beat That My Heart Skipped just featured A Day with BODIE and FOU…..I felt out of breath just reading it! Can’t believe I’m squeezing so much in a day…and for the records, I actually don’t run every day but this was done the day I went for a run in the morning.Rohini, the Editor of The Beat That My Heart Skipped was so nice and complimentary, that I think I’m going to print it as a positive reminder of how far we’ve come and read it when I feel down, tired and I feel like giving up….I thought it was interesting to show behind-the-scenes for a change and I love all the others ‘A Day with‘ Rohini did with Deborah Bowness and Mibo so here is ours…. A Day With… Bodie and Fou I am delighted to introduce the inspirational Karine Kong [FOU] of BODIE AND FOU. Karine is going to introduce herself and you will soon discover what an amazing woman she is. I can’t even begin to describe how talented Karine is …

House tour in Amsterdam

This is the house of Karin Gaasterland and Alain Parry, the owners of Balthazar’s Keuken – a little crowed restaurant in Amsterdam, where I really want to go, next time we are there.To these days, Amsterdam remains one of my favourite European cities. It’s a beautiful place, unpretentious, family-oriented, charming, hugely inspiring and beautiful to shoot.Having so many people riding their bicycles definitively add something to the city’s atmosphere but it is also a place where you will find a lot of shop and restaurant owners showing a great deal of creativity and individuality in their retail space, unlike all the high-street shops on Oxford Street, London.When the weather is a bit warmer (it’s quite windy there), I would love to go back and also check out this shop. The website doesn’t do any justice to the beautiful and unusual lights they have but my friend Gabrielle got her gorgeous lamp from there and she said it was a bit like the Cavern of Ali Baba. She also recommended Anouk Beerents’ shop which specialized in …

Perfect gift for baby….

This is one of our best-sellers.I bought it first 6 years ago when Bodie was pregnant with Lily and we have now some really cool shots of Lilypette in this gorgeous babygro. Then we launched B&F so I sourced it for the shop…It’s often like this…We fall in love with something then try to source for our online boutique. Last night, I just played around with photoshop and loved how this cute Angel babygro looks in a polaroid format….It comes in 3 sizes (0-3 months, 3-6 and 6-12 months) and is also available in pink here

Do you want this gorgeous bag?… I need feedback please

I need your thoughts on something…. Last week, I blogged about Noix de Coc’s Advent Calendar just because I loved the design.We were not planning to stock it on BODIE and FOU because we normally don’t stock themed items (Xmas, Valentine’s….unless it’s something beautiful like this Love poster which works all year round) but I just thought it was a great and unusual advent calendar to share with you.Now the designer and ourselves have actually received several emails from customers interested in buying it and since Noix de coc’ has not yet an online stockist, we’ve agreed to take stock which will be limited but more of this later.Now this made me realized that although not everyone leaves comment on the blog, a lot of you actually take interest in some of the designs featured on the blog regardless of them being on our online shop or not so it got me thinking… I’ve always been a big fan of La Tropezienne – a gorgeous tote bag designed by LA designer Clare Vivier but since …