Month: June 2009

DIY projects – Gorgeous ideas

At the beginning of the year, I mentioned these two gorgeous DIY projects from Dutch magazine 101 Wooniden. The bathroom cabinet was a very simplified version of the Inside Out bathroom cabinet which won the Elle Decoration British Design Award Winner in 2007 and I loved the simplicity of these lights. Today, I came across this gorgeous, contemporary piece of art that you can make too. With a bit of help from Babelfish free translation service, I translated the Dutch instructions so to do this, you will need: * To buy a large piece of MDF from your local DIY store (not too thin so it doesn’t bend, I reckon 2.5 cm thick as a minimum should do the trick but go thicker if you can afford it). * Paint the board with magnetic blackboard paint. * Buy stencils from your local art supplies shop or online or magnetic letters and then make your own meaningful sentence like ‘Today is the perfect day for a perfect day’ which I read somewhere but can’t remember where …

Rich and Poor by Jim Goldberg

Rich and Poor is a book that compiles shocking and gripping portrait of contemporary America . Jim Goldberg took photographs of rich and poor people and asked them to handwritte comments about themselves on the prints. The result is a fascinating, touching inside look at the American dream at both ends of the social scale. Goldberg’s pictures reveal his subjects’ innermost fears and aspirations, their perceptions and illusions about themselves, with a frankness that makes the portraits as engrossing as they are disburting. Via Oliver Weber (C) Photos:

House of fashion stylist Johanne Riss

Fashion stylist Johanne Riss was born in the north of France then went to Belgium where she sets up her label and came back to Paris to live in this old workshop in Le Marais, one of Paris’ most interesting, fashionable and creative areas. I had read somewhere that she was mainly designing wedding dresses so I went to check her site (not that I need one anytime soon) … the timeless section was ‘soon to be available’, so was the wedding and bags sections. When it comes to site navigation, I’m not the most patient person and I was about to give up but I tried my luck one more time and then nearly fell of my chair….euh hello!! Where do these drop-dead gorgeous black dresses come from??!! In contrast with her sublime black dresses, Riss’s house is very white but as beautiful. Given that she uses this beautiful space as a showroom and studio during the day, her apartment has been styled with the same flawless perfection and sense of luxury. I love …