Year: 2009

DIY project: gorgeous lighting al fresco

I have obviously DIY projects on the brain! It’s 2am in France and I’m still up, blogging about some jars…err hello!! Well, I couldn’t help sharing this lovely idea….I’m looking at these gorgeous jars and I’m thinking casual al fresco parties with my friends, romantic diners with Steve on our terrace or even weddings like Ben and Chelle did it for their wedding. Alternatively, you can also use the beautiful Cap-Ferret tea-lights and hurricane lamps currently at 20% OFF in the Summer Sale. (C) Photos Ben & Chelle Kutil/Chelle paperie

Rich and Poor by Jim Goldberg

Rich and Poor is a book that compiles shocking and gripping portrait of contemporary America . Jim Goldberg took photographs of rich and poor people and asked them to handwritte comments about themselves on the prints. The result is a fascinating, touching inside look at the American dream at both ends of the social scale. Goldberg’s pictures reveal his subjects’ innermost fears and aspirations, their perceptions and illusions about themselves, with a frankness that makes the portraits as engrossing as they are disburting. Via Oliver Weber (C) Photos:

La tropezienne bag is mine

Yesterday in cultural differences, I mentioned the ‘petits changements’ (small changes) I’m making to be a ‘good’ partner rather than a total geek the head down on my laptop…Sometimes I feel like an ex-addict and I should really set up a support group for ALA (Anonymous Laptop Addicted or is it Laptop Addicted Anonymous??) which I would attend religiously each week to get over my blogging/twittering/facebook impulses but yesterday I didn’t attend the ALA meeting and I happily twittered away which took me on the most amazing journey of discovery…So I went from here, to here and then here and then I totally forgot what happened next but somehow I ended up here and hello mama!!!….I fell in love with….. La Tropezienne bag (soon to be on my getting there tanned arm) designed by Clare Guerrerro Vivier, a great girl I spoke to last night who lives in LA and he is married to a French guy. Clare designs some very sexy foldover clutches but after doing a trunk show at Taylor De Cordoba, she …

Rosie Hardy’s photography

Rosie Hardy is 18 years-old student who has just been accepted at the Glasgow School of Art. She is beautiful, and hugely talented. She is in love with Aaron Nace, a photographer and digital artist based out of Chapel Hill, NC who I believe she met on Flickr and now they work on the 365 Days project taking a photo a day for a year… My favourite photo is this one…..I love the feeling of freedom & lightness that come out of it…Via Ms Muse

Our French house in Junior magazine…

Excitement is running high this morning in the B&F office! We’ve just received the June issue of Junior magazine and here it was… three pages on our house in France with lovely pictures of Mila Sienna and Lily. A big thank you to everybody at Junior magazine, the wonderful Ruth Corbett for writing just a lovely article about us and being so generous and Alun Callender for his beautiful pictures. As it happens, we just came back from our annual get-together in the house which this year was very special because we are now all living around Europe: Elodie & Christophe are in Barcelona, Alexia & Nicolas in Bruxelles, Val & Chris in Paris and us in London so it was really cool to spend a few days together. This time, there was 22 of us, 3 children, 2 babies and a dog. I thought I would impress everyone with my vodka jelly, a recipe I got from my friend Verity in New-Zealand but Christophe beat me to it with his mojitos but once again …

BODIE and FOU in Marie-Claire Maison

We are thrilled…Marie-Claire Maison mentioned BODIE and FOU and our sister site as two of their 5 favourite websites abroad!!!We love Marie-Claire Maison, in fact it is often that we look at their websites for inspiration and great articles to share on the blog

Imke Klee

Imke Klee is a stylish, photographer, designer who also worked as an iconographic researcher for trends goddess Li Edelkoort.Imke takes beautiful pictures…. makes soft, beautiful montages on her blog and creates pretty necklaces (I love the blue one on the right hand side very much!) I love her website, I love her style