Year: 2010

Joyeux Noel

 In a few hours, I will be in a plane to New-Zealand with my little family. When we get there, we will celebrate Christmas the French way for Mila who expects Papa Noel to follow her with gifts wherever she goes (which is fair enough I guess) and then two days later, the Kiwi way at the beach. I leave you with this wonderful card from Therese Sennerholt and I’m taking this book about creative visualisation recommended by Nathalie Massenet, Founder of Net-a-Porter. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you all the most wonderful and relaxing Christmas with your family. Lots of love xoxo

What Katie ate….in New-York

4 more days to go and I fly to New-Zealand.3 days alone at home to finish painting our bedroom.2 weeks of sun to recover from 8 weeks of carbs & no morning runs.1 last post about the Living Etc Competition.1/2 day at work and we close for the holidays and that’s it…et bien non! I got a little comment from Nicole and because I’m interested in people who leave comments, I checked her out and what did I find?! More goodies to share!!Nicole Franzen is a food, lifestyle, travel Photographer who participated to the amazing food photography book Katie Quinn Davies put together and it’s just too good to not show it to you before the holidays!!And can someone get the girl a book deal please! This is too good to be online only! I want to read this book on my sofa with a cup of tea and take my time flickering through each page… So here are a few of Nicole’s amazing photos and you can see more here 4 jours de plus …

Chocolate pecan brownies recipe

Last Tuesday I organized a surprise diner party to celebrate Steve’s Birthday*. I got him three vintage gas stations pricing signs from Three Potato Four (no 3, 6 and 5 to tell him that I love him every day of the year), this map from New-Zealand and these fabulous speakers which he loved! The fourth gift (in my book!) was a whole meal cooked by myself which, luckily, was a success…Mila and I made chocolate pecan brownies for desert and here is the recipe…prepare yourself to die and go to heaven.*mostly to make up for the fact that in the past 2 years, too busy here with Xmas orders, I totally forgot the first year and wished him a day too late the second year :-( ★★★★ Maman: “Mila..move” Mila: “no”Maman: “Mila move!…. I need to add the pecan nuts”Mila licking the spoon: “No!…this is SO good..” ★★★★ Mardi dernier, j’ai organise un diner suprise pour l’anniversaire de Steve*. Je lui ai offert trois vieux signes de stations d’essence achete a Three Potato Four (no …

Dutch inspiration

By Day…16/12/2010:2pm: Crisis hit us…No more Royal Mail Dispatch Express labels. Over 350 parcels sitting on our packing table which we can’t send.3pm: Body gives in and neck gets stuck…purely and simply. I can’t bent over, turn left or right without being in excruciating pain5pm: off to bed to fool my body and make it believe I will relax9pm: Steve emailed me from Hong-Kong where he and Mila on the first leg of their flight to N-Z17/12/20108am: Neck back to normal, off to work4pm: Call Royal Mail to track down supply order. Get told they may arrive the day after we’ve closed for the holidays. Stress level get a promotion…Email everyone I know at RM including IT and accounts to get someone to help…no luck4.30pm: Call back RM. Luck strikes…The person on the phone tells me that I should have ordered them before…And I’m sitting on my chair full of ‘can do/there must be a solution’ attitude…thinking…that’s bound to help me…I have been working from 8am to 11 pm for the past 8 weeks, had …

Breakfast with a princess

This morning I had breakfast with a Princess and her papa here. It was cool….they make fab eggs benedict and the Princess had babyccino all over her face. Then we went to buy a new pair of converse (yellow) because the Khakis from Barcelona are too small and a new pair of red gumboots because these are too small too. In the afternoon, the Princess painted a little white pig with pink paint and sparkling things. It was a really nice day…Hope you had one too. Have a nice evening! Ce matin, j’ai pris le petit dejeuner avec une Princesse et son papa la. C’etait chouette….ils font des supers oeufs benedictes et la Princesse avec des traces de babyccino partout sur le visage. Ensuite, nous sommes alles acheter une nouvelle paire de Converse (jaune) parce que les Khakis de Barcelone sont trop petites et une nouvelle paire de bottes rouges en cahoutchouc parce que celles-ci sont trop petites aussi. L’apres-midi, la princesse a peint un petit cochon blanc en rose avec pleins de paillettes. C’etait …

I like this….

A ‘countdown to Christmas’ tree…beautiful photo and stylism by Annaleena

I like this…

I think there is something hugely comforting and homely about offering edible Christmas gifts…Of course, if I was only offering a jar of red pesto to Elodie, she would not probably be very impressed (she is more of a Clare Vivier type of girl :-) but my Dad, who loves cooking, would enjoy a few of these

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