Month: February 2010

Une fille, un style…Jessica de Ruiter

Bon…I’ll translate this for you because it was in the French Vogue…“Jessica de Ruiter is a girl from L.A., blond hair, blue eyes, big smile and with a great fashion style sense, she looks like an actress from the seventies. She seems to have the same energy than the city she adopted seven years ago. She welcomed me (Garance Dore) with a green tea whereas I had brought a bottle of wine…LA Vs Paris? We still managed to get on very well. Fashion stylist, Jessica has a very healthy life a la mode californienne. She does yoga every day, loves essential oils and perfumes herself with Roses eau de toilette. Wearing jeans, men shirt, basic & designer pieces, she rarely goes shopping and goes through her wardrobe regularly to keep essential pieces. For her, style is a mix of elegance and smart.”Great, inspiring piece from Garance as usual from great, inspiring women.

Happy Mother’s Day from BODIE and Fou

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Perfect Valentine’s Day WE & a sneak peek of our house

The perfect Valentine’s Day can have many shapes or forms…for us this year, it was a friends and family affair and in the 12 years Steve and I had been together, it was probably the most heart-warming, relaxing and loving Valentine’s weekend we ever had. It all started Friday evening when my stylish friend Mandy and Mila’s Godmother – arrived to our home with her husband Acland….On Saturday morning, we went for breakfast at one of my favourite delis: Chez Kristoff where we had an amazing, yummy breakfast. I highly recommend this place. It has a very long communal table located right in the middle of the deli and stacks of shelves with beautiful, exotic food packaging from each side of the room. You feel you’re eating in a grocery and I love the atmosphere. It’s very friendly, relax and visually inspiring and refreshing. The staff is also very nice…a lot of young Franco/English and personally I love their eggs benedict…sigh So the plan for the day was that more of Steve’s friends would come …

Charlotte Gainsbourg in Flaunt magazine – seriously cool

Last week I was contacted by the press department of the seriously cool Flaunt magazine and if you’ve never heard of Flaunt, you are only forgiven if you live outside the US because Flaunt is so cool, it aches. It captures amazing and timeless pictures of fashion, arts and lifestyle culture at its highest levels and I think the magazine’s photography is real quality and it has a real knack at capturing both the strengths and vulnerabilities of celebrity. I’ve just watched their video of Rachel Bilson and I can’t believe how gorgeous she looks but I’m totally in love with how it was filmed, it has such a cool Peter Lindbergh feel to it. Anyway, Flaunt was writing to me because they had heard through the grapevine that I’m a big fan of Charlotte Gainsbourg (see previous post here and here and here and here again) and they kindly asked me to pass on something…errmmm….you’re gonna kill me and I’m really sorry. They asked me to pass on their invitation to the Flaunt Art …

Get a dog don’t work like one….

Last year, I was interviewed by Author and Entrepreneur Jim Banting for a book he was writing on work-life balance for Marshall Cavendish. Jim spent a year interviewing over 1000 UK entrepreneurs to rethink work-life balance, unlock new opportunities and challenge norms to enable anyone to spend more time doing what you want. Not an easy thing to achieve when you run a business especially at the start (and I know what I’m talking about!), but if you get past the difficulties, intense hours and challenges then I would just say…it’s worth doing it. The book is out now and you get order it from here as the offer of the month! “Get a dog don’t work like one” by Jim Banting has received great reviews in the Sunday Times and Management Today so it makes me even prouder that my modest ‘input’ made it to the final editing (page 27) but most of it, it’s just a very good book, great to read, very informative and easy to relate to.And if you are thinking …