Month: April 2010

Happy Birthday to my beloved sister

From little sister… to in-house teenage model… to beautiful mother… To fashion icon… to business partner…. You are simply the best sister I could ever have.You’re inspiring, talented, smart, fun, kind, beautiful, hilarious and I love you. Kaxoxo

Looking for cool, understated fashion accessories

BODIE and FOU is looking to expand its range of uber cool, chic fashion accessories so if you think your designs fit the bill and you have gorgeous photos, please email us at contact(at)bodieandfou(dot)com.Please note that we will try to respond to everyone but we may not being able to.Happy weekend!

I’ve just melted…..

I’ve just read this beautiful, romantic gift message from a French customer who ordered La Tropezienne tote bag for his wife/partner who just had a baby…I don’t want to give away the surprise if she is familiar with B&F so I wont give away the name of the baby or the name of this adorable French guy but here is his French gift message and the English translation….“Quand tu recevras ce sac la cigogne nous a apporté XXX. Pas très pratique comme couffin mais je suis sûr qu’il te servira pour d’autres choses… Avec tout mon amour… Bisous“ “When you will get this bag, our baby will be born. Not very practical as a baby cot but I’m sure it will be useful for a lot of things….With all my love….xoxo“ Is this romantic or what!? So sweet

Our tree house in the making….

Last year, when Steve and I went for a run near our house in France, I showed him a cute little tree house (hoping that he would feel like making one…and BINGO!)This was enough to light a fire under my favourite Kiwi (now re-named Charles Ingalls by Elodie) as he spent the rest of our holidays building us a tree house! Actually I use the term ‘tree house‘ very loosely as given the size of it and height (7m high/22ft high), it’s more like a DIY project that’s got out of hands but thanks to Steve’s folks over from New-Zealand, the tree house now has walls and a roof and my Kiwi is feeling extremely proud of his achievements (well he should be because frankly I think it looks really impressive!) Putting the walls up…Putting the roof…The view from the top….Almost there… For those who are familiar with the famous kiwi bach (beach house), this looks very much like a kiwi bach in a tree…I’m loving it big time! It’s not finished yet as Steve …

Birds clothes pegs in action….

I have to post this because Sophie from SKINFLINT DESIGN (one of my favourite websites for industrial/vintage lights by the way) managed to do what I have been planning to do in Mila’s new bedroom for ages….Using our Bird clothes pegs to hang her children’s artworks! A couple of years ago, a customer from the US sent us some gorgeous images of her wedding where she used the Bird clothes pegs to display her sitting plan which looked amazing but I really like how cute the pegs look holding onto kids’ precious drawings….and you have to admit that it’s a lot more interesting and creative than using standard drawing pins :-)

The story of a hat….

A day trip to Biarritz….the men off to a rugby match, the girls off shopping in town…Un coup de foudre for a hat from Galeries Lafayettes, followed by hours of fun shooting Mila and her ice-cream… I’m now officially on holidays for the week. Have a great week! PS:Mila wears a cashmere dress from Zadig & Voltaire, black boots from Cos and woman hat from Galeries Lafayettes