Month: May 2010

Sunday morning yumminess: Egg custard with pancetta crisp

Egg custard1 pt heavy cream½ cup roasted chicken fat2 cloves garlic2 bay leavesWhole peppercorn—–4 yolks1 whole eggSalt and pepper to taste Combine all except eggs and steep over low flame for 20 minutes. Temper the egg mixture in. Pour into shells, bake, covered, in bain marie for 20 minutes or until set. Via Sunday Suppers. Super photos by Karen Mordechai as usual.Big belated thanks for the love link from Stephanie at Ohhh…Mhhh

The Acapulco chair….Love at first sight

I’m loving this Acapulco chair spotted in Grand Designs magazine…It just feels like the perfect garden accessories staple you want right here, right now! Designed in 1950s, the iconic Acapulco chair is still as stylish and contemporary as when it was first designed and will look superb at home to bring Summer indoor or on the deck outside, especially since The Acapulco Chair Company has now re-edited the chair in gorgeous, to die-for colours like orange, turquoise The chair costs £345 + shipping and £375 for the rocking chair version

My bedroom in a Chinese magazine

Camilla Diedrich kindly sent me this press cutting from a Chinese magazine that featured her wallpaper in our bedroom in France….It’s a nice reminder because we’ve just spent 4 wonderful days in our holiday home at the beach with friends and family but it also reminds me how much I love this True Blue wallpaper in turquoise! I would love to use it again in our home in London…Can’t really do the bedroom thing again but I think it would be quite cool as a small feature wall on top of the stairs and would give our top floor a holiday feel….It’s little details like this that helps me to cope with the British winter :-)I have this vision of True Blue being incredibly stunning against the white painted stairs…well the stairs I will eventually paint in white because for the time being, they have an ugly beige carpet on them…

Quick question on party bag….

While putting Mila’s party bags, I realised that it was quite tricky to make little party bags with a WOW factor without either ending up with a lots of crappy things or paying the earth and when you have something like 14 kids at a party, the ‘mum’ in me thinks that it doesn’t make a lot of sense to spend £100 on party bags so I just would like to know how much you think is reasonable to spend on a party bag and then I will see if we can come up with some really cool and affordable party bags on BODIE and FOU.

Mila’s 5th B’day party….Major success

Last Sunday, we celebrated Mila’s 5th Birthday and it was amazing!As Mila and I share our lives with the kiwi King of BBQ & Sunday roast, we decided to organize Mila’s party with a BBQ afterwards with all the parents to give everyone the opportunity to get to know each other.Total: 14 kids + 25 adults = a very noisy but happy and memorable afternoon! The blackboard sign… The party bags….. The Gingerbread man decoration…. Mila’s cup cakes…. The guests…. Best party activity: Decoration of the Gingerbread man…by farBest party find: Glitter clutch bag at the £1 shop….a real bargain with WOW factor!Best creative idea: Decorating cupcakes with Mila’s face on. I got the idea from Swiss Miss but added little things that Mila says often on the back of the cards like” “I love you to the moon and back and back to the planet…“, “For ever and ever….“, “Let’s have a huggle” (family cuddle), etc…Best life saver: Chocolate & strawberry cupcakes from Tesco’s Finest range (£1.70 for 2)Best friends: Mandy, Peyman, Mel, Guillaume, …

Chez Nous: Mila’s bedroom – UPDATE

I have to admit that the photoshoot with Paumes last Saturday gave me the ultimate boost needed to finish Mila’s bedroom… After spending several weekends painting her walls and floorboards, my motivation to do more DIY was running low but hey….no matter how talented Hisashi Tokuyoshi is in seeing beauty in the most mundane things, I thought my masking tape around the ceiling wouldn’t quite cut it! So in an ultimate effort, I took the masking tape off, hang a couple of beautiful art prints et voila…! I LOVE how the prints Mila and I choose together, look in her bedroom…The Friends of Violet poster by Studio Violet is my latest love. I have always been a fan of Camilla Engman and Elisabeth Dunker‘s work so I’m super happy to have this beautiful poster they designed together now on B&F (and now, we also have the Friends of Violet wallpaper!). Elisabeth and Camilla have also designed some gorgeous postcards here that would look very nice framed individually and hang in a row. My other ‘coup …

R13 – jeans to die in

I like R13 Denim, a fashion label that just landed in my in-box via Daily Candy…R13 Denim reinterprets last season’s boyfriend cuts into cropped harem pants, slouchy-skinny, and drop-crotch styles that give the old workhorse a fresh look and frankly I would give the world for the harem pants fashion to keep going….Steve hates it, I love it, mostly because harem pants are incredibly comfortable to wear and they look just as good with my old pair of converse covered in paint than my high-heels boots and as DC puts it: If the true value of your wardrobe can be calculated using the cost-per-wear formula, sexy lingerie’s never worth it (be honest) — and jeans are practically free. Selfridges…me voila!

Sand and Wind

Looking for a place to go away this Summer….Being with my little family….Getting lost in these calming images of Greece…. (C) Photos by Patrick Taberna