Month: June 2010

Our Hippie (happy) weekend on the Isle of Wight

We had the most wonderful weekend at Vintage Vacations and I’m hoping these few photos will give a feel of how wonderful, free and relax our weekend was on the Isle of Wight and will also inspire you to spend a fabulous weekend there with friends and family….For us, the experience was AWESOME, incredibly chilled out and has given us lots of happy memories to take back to London!I loved how Helen leaves scones, cream and jam for her guests in each Airstream. I also really loved that you can buy local products (jams with delightful, old-fashioned labels, Apple juices, fresh loafs of bread, eggs and bacon) and leave the money in a Honesty box .I was totally seduced by the little ‘shop in a hut’ Helen put together to sell vintage knick-knack and clothes and the wonderful, creative comments and drawings previous guests left in each Airstream….This weekend was truly wonderful….. To book a stay at Vintage Vacations and see more photos of the various Airstreams, click here

Aire de Bardenas…stunning design hotel

Last week, Elodie, Christophe and Lily spent the weekend in Aire de Bardenas, a fabulous 4**** design hotel with 22 rooms and four deluxe suites in Spain…It just looked absolutely amazing….the perfect place to chill out for a few days…And I’m laughing thinking that they probably needed it because this week, Thelma & Louise (aka my mum and my aunt Dany) are in Barcelona visiting them and apparently the two have been practising their Spanish over tinto vino these past few weeks so they will probably need another weekend away after the departure of the two tornados.. Designed by Emiliano Lopez and Mónica Rivera, Hotel Aire de Bardenas looks like a lunar colony. Named after the wind that rolls in over the Bardenas desert, the hotel is a cluster of eight pale boxes around a main hall. They sit a little eerily, like the relic from 2001: A Space Odyssey, in the middle of a wheat field between Bardenas Reales National Park and the town of Tudela.” In a totally different genre mais alors totally …

Blue and Grey….little DIY project

Last Summer, I dyed some vintage cotton sheets….you know the ones that have an amazing texture to them and that we can’t find anymore on the high street unless we get linen bed linens that cost the earth…the result was this…. And today, spotting these beautiful images from Cinq Mai, reminded me that really I should do this again for or home in London and dye some old fabric in hues of greys….It is such an easy DIY project for the weekend…. Feeling blue….go here

This is Lucas, our Australian Shepherd

This is Lucas, our Australian Shepherd

Our little Australian Shepherd puppy… 8 weeks only… Green eyes…. Full of love and cuddles.. And we’re all totally crazy about him!


I’ve just booked 7 tickets to go and see Sex And The City 2 next week with some friends… and I’m so tempted by this Halston Heritage white dress available from One Boutique…Sooo tempted…woman STEP AWAY FROM THE KEYBOARD!Update:Last night, after watching ‘The Good Wife‘ (don’t you love that show?!), I spent a bit more time on One Boutique checking out their Sale section and discovered these….a pair of gorgeous Penelope Chilvers Angel boots at £277.50 instead of £370 and since then I have been pondering about whether I should get them or not.Frankly if they were £100 cheaper, I would have gone for them without thinking about it twice but I bought myself 3 pairs of boots this year and it’s only June, I still only have two feet and the price…arrhhhhgh is killing me…..