Month: July 2010

My leather jacket…

This morning, I went to un vide-grenier (the equivalent of a car boot sales) and the amount of amazing stuff I found was incredible….A vintage wooden tray that was used to put pizzas in the oven which I have now cleaned, bleached and will use to display cheeses to create a simple, rustic look to our diner table back in London,A blue metal tray with Mickey on it (dated circa. 1960), a toy white metal till (circa 1952), two orange phones for Mila but given her lack of interest in it, they may well be end up on my vintage toy shelf at home and this gorgeous leather jacket…An original Schott flight jacket the owner had bought in San-Francisco 15 years ago, nice thick leather, perfect fit, warm lining perfect for next Winter in London for only 30 Euros….I’m a happy girlHave you been to flea markets or second-hand shops recently? What did you find?

La Trop tote bag reviews…..WOW!

Mila and I took a flight to go there last night. We got home very late and I started the day with a 9am appointment with my kinesitherapist in another attempt to fix my back, a visit to my beloved 94 years old mamie and a trip to Monoprix where I ended up spending a huge amount on gorgeous things for Mila in the Sale, then a nap and a trip to the beach where Mila made two little friends in no time…..And when leaving the beach, as Mila was waving to her new friends (who will see tomorrow at the beach), I managed to drive on the left hand side of the road (instead of the right!) in front of the girls’ mums, which must have been very reassuring to them…NOT!! So I basically went home with my daughter feeling crossed with myself, guilty that I could have caused a massive accident and ashamed to have been so flipping stupid but then I read these and it really lifted my spirit…We’ve just started working …

Our French home in the Telegraph magazine

As promised, here is a copy of the 4-page feature of our holiday home in France published in The Telegraph magazine last Saturday. Just seeing our home again makes me want to go there but unfortunately no time to escape for the time being… A big thank you to Interior Stylist and Writer Rohini Wahi and Photographer Michael Paul who took some amazing photos of our home making it looks like a lot better than it actually is and the team at The Telegraph especially Homes Editor David Nicholls who has always been incredibly supportive of our little business and the designs we have in our collection. I had so many nice emails from readers about our home and what we have achieved with BODIE and FOU that I feel quite tearful today so thank you very much for all your support. It is a lot of hard work but moments like these make it worthwhile….thank you again! Entente cordiale A holiday home in Arcachon benefits from a French-kiwi collaboration. by Rohini Wahi. Photography by Michael Paul …

Bedroom inspiration

Since I’m stuck in bed with a backache, I can’t think of a better place to look for bedrooms inspirations…Soothing, calming, inviting, I love just about everything in the bedroom below…the white floorboards, the headboard made of recycled wood, the hues of brown and beige Bedrooom image via Smart Alec via This is Glamourous Although very calming & serene, I think the bedroom is missing something… On the contrary, the hues of soft grey, industrial & vintage furniture, white crisp walls, textured fabrics and French armchair found in this kitchen would equally work in a bedroom so I’m keeping this image for my mood board…. Photo by Frederic Vasseur These two yellow shades add a bright, contemporary touch to this bedroom Photo by Frederic Vasseur Photo via Marie-Claire Maison Photo by Hotze Esma Another DIY project maybe (photo unknown) This is the home of Jenn Cranston, a stylist (clever) would made her headboard out of a bamboo screen she bought from Ikea…How smart? Photo from House & Home via Poppytalk

Our French home in The Telegraph mag today!

Unfortunately I don’t have time to do a proper post because I have to take Mila not to one Birthday party but two but I’ve just picked up a copy of the Saturday Telegraph this morming and here it was….our holidays home over 4 pages in the Telegraph magazine…. I’m super excited….more pics laterHave a lovely weekend Karine