Month: September 2010

I like this…very calming

and I need this because I just got a call from Mila’s school telling me I had forgot her lunch box!!! Bad bad bad mother! Image via Emma

Last post for the day but I couldn’t resist….

OK one last post for the day because if I spent my day in front of the computer, I’m not gonna get anything done but I couldn’t resist this white cotton pendant light and the whole atmosphere of the room….simply beautiful What do you think? This light designed by Nelson Sepudelva for Ay Illuminate reminds me a bit of the spirit of the Koushi XXL pendant light (with Coton Kandhi, 350 €) by Mark Eden Schooley I fell in love with at MERCI in Paris. (C) Image from Dutch magazine VT WonenAy Illuminate:

Happy thoughts for the weekend….

What are you up to this weekend? Tomorrow, we’ll be having a yummy pizza there with friends from New-Zealand before heading to this book launch in Bricklane.Sunday, Steve is off to France for a boys weekend so….Mila and I will watch (again!) this uplifting French movie with Sophie MarceauTake some photos with balloons This week, I loved…. The new issue of this inspiring magazine The blog and videos of Jeana Sohn This lovely, personal account on Irene’s blog This which made me laugh but if you have one, you must get one of these Heidi Klum’s tips on how to look gorgeous on picture….er, who wouldn’t want to look like her?! Mila telling me she had something “unbelievably beautiful” to show me…the cutest paper cut I had ever seen Seeing our kitchen on Emma’s blog And this photo taken by Christophe, my brother-in-law . Have a wonderful weekend!

Wish I had hair like this…

I have the fringe, I have long hair, I have the colour…. and yet my haircut looks nothing like this …sigh Francoise Hardy circa 1966

Lucas’ Fuora dog house

I don’t know if you’ve seen these …. I took one home recently because Lucas has chewed his wicker basket in less than 2 weeks and I thought the design was really cool for a doghouse. What I didn’t know was how easy this thing was to put together.The Fuora doghouse comes flat pack and I have to admit that for me ‘flat-packed’ meant ‘flat-packed a la Ikea‘…i.e. stressful but it wasn’t! It is created from a clever slot system in which 6 wooden panels slide together and Steve and Mila put it together in less than 8 min (including unpacking and disposing of the cardboard boxes). The other good thing about the Fuora Dog house is that it is made with multi-layered birch wood from a programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) sustainable source so not only the Fuora Dog house is well-designed but it is also eco-friendly.The final result is a super stylish, yet practical dog house which requires no maintenance at all and it is easy to clean….Now having this …

House Tour: Solenne de La Fourchardiere

I love when this kind of chance encounter over the net happens… It all started with an email from Julia who wrote to tell us that she was going there every day to get her daily fix of La Tropezienne tote bag and that she has been saving since the first time she spotted it in December 2009. I waited for this bag too so I know how it feels/aches to crave for it when you just know that is going to be simply perfect for you!I suggested Julia to go there where she could get 10% OFF which may help towards her saving plan and it did. Then Julia told me that her boss (also French) read our profile and said she could have written it herself… Now the funny thing is that Julia’s boss is Solenne de La Fouchardiere, one of the three talented designers behind Ochre (the other two being Joanna Bibby and Harriet Maxwell Macdonald), a UK Interior Design company which I have long admired. So thanks to Julia, here are …

London Family Style by PAUMES

A very big thank you to Editions PAUMES for asking us to be part of their new book London Family Style and to Helena from Agence Violette, their press agent in France, who co-ordinated the photoshoots with all the families (must have been tricky to fit so many families in such a short time). I have always been a big fan of their books so

Mon frere

I always talk about my sister Elodie (Bodie) because we are close in age (only 5 years difference), we have similar tastes and of course we have BODIE and FOU but we have a brother! Francois, 25 years, Warehouse Manager at B&F for the time being (he is doing such a great job that I’m planning to actually chain him up to our packing table) and future photographer.Today as I was looking at this photo of him taken in Barcelona (pic 2), I couldn’t help thinking how gorgeous my kid brother looked. He was super cute when he was little. He LOVED eating eclairs au chocolat, was bumping into everything and we could always convinced him to give us his sweets. Elodie and I used to make him run to the top of the house to get things for us just by making him believe that it was just to see how fast he was…That was great fun :-)Then there were the dark years of teenage…and then eventually he became a man and a fine …