Month: October 2010

Kelly Hoppen’s blog…

I ran 8kms early this am so already today I was feeling pretty much on top of the world but when world-renowned British Designer Kelly Hoppen suggested her followers on Twitter to follow us, it was just the cherry on the top of a very happy Friday cake! I have a couple of books from her at home: In Touch and Style but I really would like Home which explores the entire process of creating a home that meets our needs. Kelly Hoppen has pioneered a simple yet opulent style that is stylish yet real. The kind of living space that makes you feel at home, at peace and thanks God she has now started a blog.I can’t wait to read more and I hope she will share with us more insights about her path, her career and her drive like she did here in this post about success. Enjoy!

The Best places to see in London’s Columbia Road Flower market

Last month, I mentioned a photo shoot in Columbia Road Flower market for a feature in Time Out magazine, on creative people shopping at London’s best street markets. The article came out yesterday. I picked up a copy on my way to a business meeting and ended up smiling like an idiot in the train stopping myself from saying to complete strangers in the tube “Look! c’est moi là.” For botanists Columbia Road Flower Market Our market insider: Karine Candice Kong, Design Expert  When should you visit Columbia Road Flower Market? The Market starts at 8 am every Sunday and it’s best to get there as early as possible. It gets very busy if the weather is quite nice. It winds down about 3 pm. What do you head for? One of my favourite shops is Vintage Heaven at no 82 – it’s the perfect place to snap up vintage treasures. The Yard on Ezra street is a mini flea market that has some great things and is always worth a look. Rob Ryan makes intricate and …

Jacqueline Morabito Collection

Jacqueline Morabito collection

Finally…the Jacqueline Morabito collection is coming…Like a dream come true… Last Summer, I had the pleasure to meet Jacqueline Morabito in the South of France…she was kind, douce, passionate and smiling… From our meeting, a dream (my dream!) came true and it fills me with deep joy and a sense of peace to introduce you to the woman who has the most influenced my life, my home, my vision. Be patient, more things are coming…beautiful, timeless, simple. THE WHITE COMPANY’S NEW COLLECTION IS OUT

I had a bad day today…

Getting frustrated with things at work, necessary but not fun…Getting impatient with the universe, with time, with everything…Trying to be thick-skinned about things/comments…When I’m at home, I do some DIY/sewing/or nothingWhen I’m at work, I re-design the site…endlessly.It takes my mind off things so here is our new homepage… Tomorrow is another day, tomorrow will be good, fun, positive and inspiring…Have a lovely evening everyone. xoxo

I like this…simply perfect

I love these cupboards – which if I remember well from various features in mags – are from Abigail’s home

Happy thoughts for the weekend….

What are you up to this weekend? Tomorrow, I think we’ll cycle there to have brunch then we will just hang out at home, taking it easy because Sunday, Steve and I are going there to run 10K here for Cancer Research. This week, I loved…. reading this powerful, honest account of how Donna Karan and her late husband Stephan Weiss met what Amanda has done with SnOOp this DIY project to make a portrait of your child being on Apartment Therapy’s radar these inspiring rooms painted in grey this amazing review this Bat t-shirt designed by Alexa Chung for Madewell and this gray bag – both now on my shopping list This Black, White & Rustic wood feature on Poppy Handmade (our kitchen getting top billing) and if I was young, free and a talented photographer, I would buy my flight ticket to NYC right now to work with her Have a wonderful weekend! PS: And if anyone has a contact at the Editorial team of Daily Candy London, please let me know :-) …