Month: November 2010

Elle est belle, n’est ce pas?

She is gorgeous, isn’t she?! I love her so much that I’m going to see her in Paris with Elodie at the end of Jan and then beginning of Feb in London with Steve…la voila, quand on aime on ne compte pas! Elle est belle n’est ce pas?! Je l’adore tellement que je vais aller la voir en concert fin Janvier avec Elodie a Paris et debut Fevrier a Londres avec Steve…la voila, quand on aime on ne compte pas!

I like this!

Don’t you love gardlands?? I love them! Especially in Winter….Apparently it is going to snow on Monday….yippee for a white Christmas :-) Vous aimez les guirlandes? Moi jadore! Surtout pendant l’hiver….Apparemment il va neiger a Londres Lundi….Chouette un Noel tout en blanc Photos by Irene Suchocki

Sunday evening

I finished painting my bedroom wall. I should be feeling happy but I’m tired and a bit down. It’s cold and dark outside and it’s Sunday evening. I just had a chat on facebook with my best friend Manu who lives in Paris. I can’t wait to see her in January. This beautiful image of Lauren Ward reminds me of her so this is for her and for all the best friends out there. via Aubrey Road

Loving this Royal bird…

and no… I’m not talking about Miss Kate Middleton who will marry Prince William of Wales next year but about this fabulous, eco-friendly Royal Bird rocking chair by Creme Anglaise who just landed in our little boutique.Handmade out of wood from recycled pallets by French carpenter Jocelyn Costis in the UK, this gorgeous Bird-shaped rocking chair for children is simply eco-friendly design at its best and the perfect addition to a kids bedroom!PS: Happy thoughts for the weekend will resume in Jan 2011. I’m still happy but now that the Xmas madness has started in our little boutique, I simply don’t have time. et la en francais il faut que j’explique ma blague a deux balles….En anglais, ‘a bird’, c’est un oiseau mais aussi une nana…Donc le ‘Bird Royal’ aurait pu etre Mademoiselle Kate Middleton qui va epouser le Prince William l’annee prochaine mais bon non, je parlais de ce fabuleux Rocking chair Royal Bird ecologique par Creme Anglaise et qui vient juste d’atterir dans notre petite boutique.Fabrique a la main par Jocelyn Costis, un …

Merci Cote Maison!

Niiice!! 12 French online interior design shops to discover and a fab little review about BODIE and FOU! Merci Cote Maison! Chouette!! 12 web boutiques de deco a decouvrir et une super ‘review’ sur BODIE and FOU! Merci Cote Maison!

Homemade (really) cards

Yesterday, the weather in London was like this. So, while my mum was sewing a school apron for Mila, I got Mila’s rubber stamps out to keep her busy and to make some cool cards…Resultat des cacahouetes (can’t translate…would mean something like ‘total of peanuts’…see I told you… can’t translate)Mila’s time spent on making cards: 20 minMoi’s time spent on making cards: 2 hours (I wasn’t slow, I got hooked!) My mum: “Who do you send kisses to?“Moi: “ my customers“…ok maybe not, will keep these for the familyAnd then, I made smaller ones…. And even smaller ones….with lots of love because we never give enough love and beaucoup de merci because it’s nice and politeI know the ‘I’ in MERCI is an exclamation mark but we lost the ‘I’ On our little shop, we already have a beautiful, stylish card like this and if you order any of these, you will probably want to receive something else other than my dodgy handmade card but I think with these Japanese masking tapes from Papermash, they …

I like it…

I’ve mentioned Chou (or glouglouandchou) before here but she makes me laugh and I love her photos and collages. J’ai deja parle de Chou (ou glouglouandchou) ici mais elle me fait rire et j’adore ses photos et collages.