Month: February 2011

DIY project: How to style your toilets

I’ve just finished my contributor post on Poppytalk to explain how I re-styled our toilets in France…I know there is more glamorous subject than this but bear with me on this…It looks better than it sounds :-) You can read the full article here. Have a great evening. This is stock take evening for us at B&F and as I don’t intend to spend the evening at the warehouse, I shall leave you. Bises (C) 1. Kong bar re-designed by P. Starck, 2. Shot styled by Sweet Paul Je viens juste de terminer un article sur Poppytalk expliquant comment j’ai re-style nos toilettes en France…Je sais, il y a plus glamour comme sujet mais faites-moi confiance…C’est plus joli que ca en a l’air :-) Vous pouvez lire l’article en entier ici. Passez une bonne soiree. C’est la journee ou nous comptons nos stock a B&F et vu que je n’ai pas l’intention de passer la soiree au bureau, je vous laisse. Bises

White stairs….

Half-term is coming to an end…Two more days left in France until our next get-together in April and some great memories of our few days skiing in Andorra with Mila (5 1/2 years old) and Lily (7 years old) before heading back to London (I strongly recommend Andorra to any families who want to go skiing with young children…).And to top it up, Steve has finally agreed to try white stairs at home so now I can’t wait to get back and get rid of our old carpet to get something like this!I’m also thinking that I may even revamp one of the top bedrooms using Piet Hein Eek’s scrapwood wallpaper on one wall…I’m still hesitating between PHE-1, PHE-2 and PHE-3 but I think it would look great against white floorboards. What do you think? Stairs from Paul Massey’s house Les vacances de Fevrier arrivent a leur fin…Encore deux jours en France avant de tous nous retrouver en Avril et de super souvenirs de nos quelques jours au ski en Andorre avec Mila et Lily …

21 Easy kitchen updates

This is long overdue post but on my way to Paris, I bought Elle Decoration and only managed to go through it recently. One of their articles was on 21 Easy Kitchen updates and I was really thrilled to see they had used my kitchen cupboard from our house in France (where I’m right now to celebrate my Dad’s 65th B’day) as example no 9! If you haven’t got a copy, I’ve just listed these easy updates for you because I think a lot of do are easy and also inexpensive.1 Show your cupboards some love by adding new fronts or wallpaper them with the scrapwood wallpaper by Piet Hein Eek2 Cheer your ears with a whistling kettle3 Treat yourself to proper tools4 If you can, position your sink station by a sunny window (or add one of our cool roller blinds!)5 Add some character to your kitchen with quirky tea towels6 Look for imaginative ways to organize your space7 Decant cutlery into large glass tumblers for instant deli-style chic (I have been doing this …

Scrapwood wallpaper by Piet Hein Eek

I’ve been a fan of Piet Hein Eek‘s work since I spotted his designs in Elle Decoration a couple of years ago. I really admire the fact that someone can actually create something so beautiful out of reclaimed wood (like this headboard made by House Tweaking) or this Pallet chair by Studiomama which one day I’m hoping to make for our Summer house.Piet Hein Eek’s designs are unique and merge artisan handcraft with skilled design but I also feel (and that’s me believing in good karma) that this whole approach to a more eco-friendly design, his commitment to use reclaimed wood and his handcraft can only have a positive impact on our lives, our homes and the world of design in general.So I can’t tell you how happy I am to have his amazing and unique collection of Scrapwood wallpaper on BODIE and FOU.The Scrapwood wallpaper by Piet Hein Eek has the warm, rustic feel that real wood brings to a room. Like the Bookshelf wallpaper, this is the kind of wallpaper design that is …

I like this…

swing made out of pearls by Johanna Richter…so pretty and poetic via Edholm Ullenius

The cycle of life

On our way to their dance class, at the back of the car, Mila summarizes the cycle of Life to her friend Clara….First, you’re a baby..Then a toddler…Then une petite fille…Then a teenager…Then a mother…Then a grandmother…Then a great grand-mother…And then you die!”Here we go, that’s clear and simple! (C) Cortoboy En allant a leur cours de danse, a l’arriere de la voiture, Mila resume le cycle de vie a son amie Clara….D’abord, tu es un bebe..Ensuite un toddler…Ensuite une petite fille…Ensuite une adolescente…Ensuite une maman…Ensuite une grand-mere…Ensuite une arriere grand-mere…Et ensuite tu meurs!” La voila, c’est simple et clair!

DIY project: wooden headboard

For a while, I have been wanted to share with you how I double the height of a basic Malm bedframe by IKEA and and covered it up with grey linens to create a stylish, French-looking headboard for less than £60. Unfortunately the photos I took at the time are pathetic and needs work so in the meantime, I thought I would share this headboard done by House Tweaking. I love wood at home especially recycled wood so I think this one is a great way to make a statement in your bedroom and to create a modern, rustic look. Alternatively, you can source an old French iron bed and use the top and bottom of the bed to create a headboard for two single beds which is what I did in Mila’s bedroom, in our house in France (see below). Cela fait un moment que je souhaiterais vous expliquer comment j’ai double la hauteur d’une tete de lit Malm d’IKEA pour ensuite la recouvrir de lin gris et creer une tete-de-lit contemporaine pour moins …

NEW! Finland Family Style

Our gorgeous little books from Paumes have finally arrived!! So now the whole collection is back in stock and on top of this, we have received their new book Finland Family Style and this one has even a family-friendly Helsinki guide for design lovers! So who wants one? :-) Nos petits livres de Paumes sont enfin arrives!! Donc ca y est, maintenant toute la collection est en stock et en plus, nous avons aussi recu leur nouveau livre: Finland Family Style et celui-ci a meme un guide d’helsinki concu specialement pour les familles fans de design! Bon qui veut son petit Paumes? :-)