Month: May 2011

Don’t you think social media made you more creative?

While building my Pinterest folder searching for inspiring ideas for my home and our first mail order catalogue, I came across these beautiful images taken by Lars Botten.It may take a few years before I take nice shots like this but I realized this afternoon that I’m looking at photography, fashion and creative inspiration in a complete different way than I used to, let’s say before starting blogging.Nowadays, I will look at the light of a photo or the stylism, I will try to imagine how I could replicate a similar atmosphere or setting in my own photos.I think that even if some still think that social media a fad – although I think its more down to the fact that something better comes along on the market like Pinterest and we just move on with the next best thing because it’s quicker and easier to use – blogging, facebook, Tumblr and now Pinterest have made us all a lot more creative and have made us better at writing, sewing, styling or taking photography, whatever …

white kitchen

Our kitchen in our home in France

Despite all the photoshoots we had in our home (Grand Designs here and this one in an Italian magazine), I’ve never managed to have a picture showing the three pendant lights by Kathleen Hills I hung in the kitchen….until my brother took this photo. So from left to right, you can see the Star pendant light, the Cone pendant light and the Large pendant light. I got the Screen poster on the release figures of Trainspotting from my days working at Universal Pictures International and the Kitchen units are from our Swedish friends.

Black kitchen units

via Tant Johanna I keep collecting images of kitchen with white units…different styles…a bit Deli looking, a bit industrial, often contemporary but always white and BAM! I see the above and I’m thinking..umm…black units, how you doin’?

I like this!

I’m still wondering what I should do with my stairs now that I’ve taken the carpet off. Should I leave them raw and paint each side white like these or paint everything in white…The jury is still out and until I’ve made up my mind, they will stay as they are….looking very very industrial but I like how simple and contemporary these black stairs look. (C) no idea, sorry! Je suis toujours en train de me demander ce que je vais faire avec mon escalier maintenant que j’ai enleve la moquette. Est ce que je devrais les laisser brut et peindre chaque cote de la marche en blanc comme ceux-ci ou peindre tout en blanc…Pour longtemps, je n’en sais rien et tant que je n’ai pas pris ma decision, ils resteront brut, tres brut limite industriel mais j’aime beaucoup le look simple et contemporain de ces escaliers noirs.

Happy birthday!

6 years already! Pffu…crazy…but so many good memories! Two weeks before you came out, Elodie & I gave birth to something else.One day before you arrive, I broke my waters on top of a ladder while painting a kitchen.Then, I spent two months of pure bliss with you in this house until we could take a decent passport photo of you with your eyes open to head back to London.And out of everything I do, out of everything I have, the thing I love the most in life is being your mum!Happy 6th Birthday ma cherie! To an over-excited Mila…Laure: “Why are you so excited? What’s going to change when you turn 6?”Mila: “EVERYTHING!” 6 ans deja! Pffu…c’est dingue!Deux semaines avant que tu sortes, Elodie & moi avions donne naissance a quelque chose d’autre.Un jour avant, j’ai perdu mes eaux en haut d’une echelle alors que je peignais une ensuite Deux mois de pur bonheur dans cette maison jusqu’a ce que nous puissions prendre une photo de passeport ou tu aurais les yeux ouverts …

I love this!

Busy weekend…BBQ friday night, brunch yesterday morning, diner at the pub last night, re-brunch this morning, we spent the whole weekend eating and to top it up, this afternoon, I’m making chocolate pecan brownies for Mila to take to school as she turns 6 tomorrow!I’m also planning to hang a few art prints in the hallway, take photos of the treasures I brought back from France and potentially start painting a pallet in white (yes white again!) to make a coffee table out of it so I’m off.Have a wonderful Sunday afternoon wherever you are! 1. Have a seat stool by House Doctor DK 2. red metal letter Weekend tres ‘busy’…BBQ vendredi soir, brunch hier matin, diner au pub hier soir, re-brunch ce matin, on a passe le weekend a manger et pour couronner le tout, cet apres-midi, je vais faire des brownies au chocolat et noix de pecan pour que Mila les emmene a l’ecole car demain elle a 6 ans! Je vais aussi accrocher quelques illustrations dans le couloir, prendre en photo les …

I love this!

How is this for an inspiring workspace?! I’m showing this to Sophie and Aurora tomorrow! Via VT Wonen