Month: August 2011

Less is more

I torn this page from an old Elle Deco ages ago and put it on my bedroom wall next to our linen curtains ages ago. I love it. I don’t know…there is something very calming about this image of these old boots, neatly organized against the wall. They look simple, they are just shoes and yet I think it is a beautiful image. I also love the courier typeface used…everything works very well here. It’s simple things like these that inspire me. I have another shot on my mood board at work with a quote from Flaubert that says: “Be regular and orderly in your life, so that you may be violent and original in your work” And for me, that summarizes my creative process…I need order, I need whites at home to then take my mind onto more colourful places. See you tomorrow

Life with Mila…

is wonderful, fun and full of love…I have the memory of a goldfish but she has the memory of an elephant and will remember things we told her 6 months ago. I hope she remembers her childhood as happy and full of love. One evening Steve and I went out and here is what we found on Mila’s door when we came back…My heart sank…in a good way :-) (C) Francois Kong, Bird clothes pegs to display Mila’s drawings from here

DIY project: Little foot prints

Not that I would like to do this right now on my pristine white stairs but I really like the idea for a kid bedroom and it’s an easy little project to do to add a personal touch to your home. Sources: Allt I Hemmet, Levis via Liberty Deco

My home in London {The stairs}

Earlier this week, I was explaining in our e-news that rather than feeling totally depressed coming home after two amazing weeks in the South West of France, we (actually more me than Steve), felt totally inspired when we opened our front door. You see…the smart cookie that I am, booked decorators in to strip the stairs and paint them in white while we were away. So when we opened the doors onto these gorgeous all-white stairs, it was like walking into our holidays home again. This wasn’t an easy decision….I have been pondering about white stairs since February and when Steve took off the carpet after a diner en tete-en-tete fuelled with wine, I fell in love with the distressed/industrial look of our stairs a la House Doctor. But the reality is that it is our family home and as much as I love industrial spaces, I had to make a decision. So this weekend, I’m planning to take a few pics of our new white stairs and maybe have a go at this Ikea …

Inspiring B&W moodboards….

First day at work…Trying to be focused. I have so many people to get back to, deadlines to meet, a catalogue to finish…but I couldn’t resist these B&W moodboards by Stil Inspiration…they are gorgeous and very sensual. Premier jour de retour au travail…J’essaie d’etre concentree. J’ai une liste incroyablement longue de gens a contacter, des deadlines a la noix et un joli catalogue a finir…mais je ne pouvais pas resister ces moodboards en noir & blanc par Stil Inspiration…Ils sont sublimes et tres sensuels.

At home…

I’m back from holidays and I’m feeling energised. My head is buzzing with decoration ideas to make some changes around the home…until then, here is a picture of my bedroom shot by Francois Cluster light by Kathleen Hills,  Silver mini sac by Clare Vivier // (C) Photography: Francois Köng, Styling: Karine Candice Köng

France: Inspired by…

This is a piece of the moodboard I did last time I was in France shooting our mail order catalogue which my mum left on her wall.Having spent a week on our boat, I’ve already read a lot of French decoration magazines but I’m constantly drawn into the relax vibes of these two images. The left image is from a house that belongs to Jacqueline Morabito and I can not remember who was the photographer of the right one but it is strongly becoming my main source of inspiration for our kitchen in London.I love the soft industrial touch from the Tolix chairs which could easily be replaced by these industrial stools in white, the big, comfy French armchair, the linen table runner on the wooden table, the walls half painted in soft grey and the mix of wooden utensils and white crockery….An simple, relax look easy to achieve…Right! We’re off to the food market in La Teste near Arcachon. Have a great Sunday! C’est une partie du moodboard que j’ai fait la derniere fois …

Des Petits Hauts….

A cool boutique nicely decorated discovered in Arcachon with things I like to wear…a little grey dress with a golden belt to rock London party scene (yeah OK…. my own lounge…), a nice tank top to show off my tanned shoulders and this gorgeous heart brooch to jazz up a black jacket back in London. Une boutique cool et joliment decoree, decouverte a Arcachon avec des trucs que j’aime porter…une petite robe grise avec une ceinture en or pour mettre le feu dans les soirees Londoniennes (yeah OK….dans mon salon), un petit t-shirt pres du corps pour montrer mes epaules bronzees et cette sublime broche en or pour egayer un blazer noir une fois de retour a Londres.