Month: September 2011

La maison d’Ines…

…is beautiful, relaxing, welcoming.Ines: First model to sign an exclusive contract with Chanel in 1983 was Lagerferld’s muse until she was chosen in 1989 to be the bust of Marianne (a symbol of our French republic which you will find in every Mairie in France). At the time, Karl Lagerferld asked her to turn this project down because he thought it was vulgar to dress a monument (sigh)She refused. He broke her contract. Ines de la Fressange embodied chic, stylish French style (still does…). I wasn’t particularly fond of her Parisian flat shot by The Selby here which was a bit too pink, too cluttered and contrived for my tastes but I’m loving her holidays home…enjoy!   source: Elle Decoration France, July/August 2011

Blog crush for Holmberg

We had IT/web-hosting boring, technical issues today and I felt like Uma Thurman in Kill Bill all day. To keep me ‘amused’ through the time-wasting day this was, I started a Hit-list of companies/people that I do no longer want to work with, it’s not a big list, I only have 2 names on it…So just to re-focus my mind onto more positive thinking, I thought I would end the day on a poetic note :-) I think I landed on Holmberg, a gorgeous Norwegian blog on Sunday while digesting our amazing Sunday meal and I love it! She makes so many lovely, soft photos with masking tapes, I can’t wait for us to receive them all here to play with them…Have a lovely, relaxing evening…. (C) Holmberg everyday living

Tu joues ou tu ranges??

This weekend, we are tidying up… Me: “Mila, you’re playing or you’re tidying!?” Mila: “erm, well I’m playing” Me: “Yeah I see that but we said we would be tidying up your bedroom” Mila: “well that’s too bad, because I’m very busy right now, I’ll do it later” (C) bodieandfou, Friends of Violet poster Ce weekend, on range…. Me: “Mila, tu joues ou tu ranges!?” Mila: “ben je joue!” Me: “Oui je vois mais on avait dit qu’on allait ranger ta chambre” Mila: “c’est pas grave parce que la je suis tres occupee, je le ferais plus tard”

Glamping at Eweleaze Farm

Last Wednesday, armed with our gumboots, our new Bell tent* from Boutique Camping*,our mugs and plates, off we went to spend 5 wonderful days at Eweleaze Farm in Dorset. We…was 4 couples (Swedish/English, American/English, Italian/New-Zealander and French/New-Zealander), 9 kids under 6 and 2 dogs…Needless to say that despite the weather, it was amazing… Eweleaze Farm is an organic farm that opens its surrounding fields to the public in August only. As much as I hate traditional camping where everyone has a specific slot allocated which means that your tent is 1 meter away from the next (at least it’s like this in France), there you’re free to put your tent wherever you want. It’s also incredibly well organized! At the farm, you can buy pretty much everything from burgers, milk, organic sausages & burgers, stuff for the tent your forgot to bring, bags of wood, hay bells, etc. They also have stone oven baked pizzas in the evening (although quite pricey £4.50 for the size of the pizza…we passed) but the burgers & sausages were …