Month: November 2011

Happy thoughts for the weekend

MT masking tapes | Clip on light | Paris map print | Plexiglas picture frame | Hanging slate heart |  Mima Le Chat print | Rabbit lamp | What are you up to this weekend? Tonight, we are off to a dinner party at my friend’s place. Emma is Swedish, gorgeous, has three beautiful girls, a full time job and still manage to run on a weekly basis. Each time I see her, I feel inspired!Mila will stay there for a sleepover. I don’t know if it is a city thing, because I don’t remember having so many playdates and sleepovers when I was young, growing up in the countryside but I think it’s great for the girls to have so many playdates and sleepovers. It can only improve their social skills and independence.My brother is now back in London so on Saturday, we are going to do some photos together on Saturday. I’m very excited because our last shoot together was for the catalogue this Summer when we shot this workspace.And now that the …

Banana cake recipe

Has anyone tried the Banana cake recipe on page 30 of our catalogue?When Steve forwarded me the recipe, I wasn’t convinced at first. The thought of using ripe bananas wasn’t exactly appealing to me but having recently received this huge fridge, I was going through a Nigella phase* (i.e cooking each Saturday morning homemade meals).I also do our food shopping online and tend to order the same food over and over again each week.While I’m not giving up on Mila getting her 5 a day, I often end up with a few bananas too ripe for anyone in the family to eat them, so rather than throwing them away, I thought I would give this recipe a go. I was happily surprised.I put wallnuts in mine instead of dried fruits and it is simply delicious. My guilty pleasure at weekends now is to curl up on the sofa with Mila when the weather is horrible outside, with a cup of tea and a slice of two of this cake! Pure bliss…. *the phase has now …

Mila’s Moustache party

This year, Mila celebrated Halloween in France wearing the Batgirl costume I had put in her suitcase amongst other things. So I don’t have photos to share but I realized that I never posted the photos of her Moustache Birthay party! Initially, it was supposed to be an Ugly Betty party but it turned out that she was the only little girl to watch Ugly Betty with her mum and none of her friends knew who Betty was so we settled for a Mr Mustache one. We put some smarties in little paper boats, some pretty straws in the Owl Vase, a lovely Rob Ryan bunting and lots of white balloons in our lounge. I made some delicious chocolate brownies, the girls played games, danced, jumped on my sofa, sometimes the moustache fell off but everybody had a great time!