Month: December 2011

Handmade Pigmée doll & garland from BODIE and FOU | Life with Mila (funny words from kids)

{Life with Mila} We broke up…

A week ago weekend, Mila (6 years old) announced us she was in love with Gabriel. Last night, she showed us a nice drawing of a boy and a girl holding hands… Me: “Is this you and Gabriel?” Mila: “No we broke up” Me: “What?! You broke up?! But you told us you were in love with him over the weekend” Mila: “Yeah but I prefer Christian, he is funnier and he is in the girls’ team“ Gentlemen…if you want to hold onto a girl more than 3 days, be funny! Handmade garland | Handmade Pigmée doll | Bed from Ikea