Year: 2012

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Bonjour! I hope you’re well. I’m so excited it’s the end of the year and I have now 2 weeks to chill out completely. Bliss…Francois and I have got two more days styling & shooting our new SS 2013 linen collection then I will log off completely from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and will step away from my computer for the next weeks.Before going, I just wanted to wish you a wonderful Christmas with your friends and family and a very Happy New Year and thank you for your support, comments, presence and friendship. It has been a challenging year but not as bad as some had been in the past and I’m very much looking forward to starting 2013 with new creative projects.The January sales will go live in the boutique this afternoon but all orders placed between and the new year will be shipped on 04th January when we re-open for our business.Before going, I just wanted to show you my inspiration for our diner table this year.See you next year! Bises (C) Vt wonen

A sneak-peek of the House Doctor collection on BODIE and FOU

I’m SO excited…A few weeks ago, Sophie & I started working on the BODIE and FOU SS/2013 collection and mail order catalogue* and both are going to be very beautiful and very inspiring! I can’t wait to show you all the beautiful things I’ve found but we need to style/shoot first and I also need to go to Paris in Jan. to finish sourcing everything I want.In the meantime, I thought it would be a nice way of ending, what has been a very busy year, with a little sneak-peek of the House Doctor goodies we will have in our 2013 collection.The great news is that our lovely Have a seat stool will be available in light grey (you can pre-order it now) and this beautiful FORM table will be on display in our new showroom at the end of January.I have been lusting after these metal suitcases for a kids bedroom for a while so I’m glad to see them in nice soft hues. *make sure you request a copy here

MiH | Made in Heaven jeans

Francois (my brother/photographer who has shot the last three BODIE and FOU mail order catalogue and who incidentally got two of his recent shots featured as full page in The Simple Things magazine and Baby&Me magazine) was telling me he had been contacted by MiH Jeans to shoot their offices.Do you know about them? Sophie did…and told me that their jeans collection was available from Net-a-Porter so I checked them out…and wondered where on earth I had been all these years…Well for starters, their jeans are worn by Sienna Miller, SJP, Jessica Alba, Katie Holmes – but they are also regularly featured in VOGUE, Harper’s Bazaar, ELLE, GLAMOUR etc Anyway, I disgress…I wanted to tell you about MiH‘s story because I think it’s a very cool story.Chloe runs MiH now.In the 70s, her dad launched the Jean Machine stores (another iconic jeans brand – obviously I’m out of my depth there but I love what I’m discovering) and her godfather launched Made in Heaven in 1969*. Chloe’s dad starting his business after buying a van full of old denims …

Italian kitchen envy

I spotted this beautiful kitchen in MILK magazine and I really love it. I can’t work out if the massive black block hides some cupboards (can’t see the hob either) but it looks beautiful and striking and if I had the right space in mine, I would have loved the beautiful wall light by Jean Prouve, which you can see on the wall.If you are aiming for a similar look on a budget, the pipe lamp and this New-York black & copper light are great alternatives. J’ai trouvé cette cuisine magnifique dans MILK magazine bet je l’adore. Je n’arrive pas à voir si le gros block noir cache des placards (je ne vois pas ou est la gazinière également) mais c’est vraiment très beau et du plus bel effet. Si j’avais l’espace, j’aurais ajouté cette magnifique lampe de Jean Prouvé à ma liste pour le Père Noel (le mien est très branché design) mais si vous souhaitez obtenir un look similaire à moindre frais, la lampe pipe lamp et cette lampe New-York noir & laiton sont de très chouettes options.(C) Milk magazine – Photo Gianni Basso

BODIE and FOU Voted Best Interior Shops by ELLE DECORATION NORWAY

Trop coooool!!!!I’ve just found out that BODIE and FOU have been voted Best Interior Shops by ELLE DECORATION NORWAYI always get super excited when we get featured in Elle Decoration Norway because… well, it’s Elle Deco (!!) and secondly because my great grand-father was Norwegian.At least it was the story that my dad told me until I was 16 “your grand-dad was a sailor, blabla…Köng comes from Koening meaning King, blablabla” and in fact, knowing that the Viking spirit was running in my blood gave me some kind of pride and a great answer to all the stupid boys at school who thought they were hilarious when they were calling me King-Kong.And then at the age of 16, my dad told me that actually he wasn’t sure and my great grand-dad may have been from Switzerland….What!? So not only I’m no longer the daughter of a Viking but now it seems that the grand-dad was a bit of slapper with wives in every port from Norway to Switzerland…great!To this day, I have no idea where the …

On my travel wish-list…Bruxelles

I’ve always wanted to go to Bruxelles for a weekend.  I would also like to go back to New-York for a week and Koh-Samui for 4 weeks….In fact, if you ask me, the list of places I would like to see is quite long. I’ve been suggesting a long weekend in Bruxelles to Steve but he’s not really feeling the love yet and that is because we come from two different views.  Steve thinks flight/queue/hassle/tootired/traveltoomuch/Europeanparliament/weather I’m thinking inspiration/decoration/design/vintage/coolplacestosee and yes I could go there by myself like the big girl that I am but the truth is, I’m done travelling on my own. I don’t enjoy it as much as I used to, mostly because I miss my little family as soon as I’m away  So here is list of places I would like to see when we go there (because we will! :-) ICI (photo 1) a lovely delicatessen launched by Saskia et Marine  {35 Rue Darwin, 35 1050 Bruxelles Tél. : 02/343 88 57 You can follow them here} The ALEXIS VANHOVE Gallery and SHOWROOM (photo 2): Dedicated to mid-century furniture, the …

3 ways to update your guest bedroom for Christmas

I’m known for kicking off DIY projects the day after Christmas…A few years ago, after a jolly Christmas meal where I ate for the entire year, I got restless and enrolled my brother and sister to revamp our mum’s beach house next door and we spent the last few days of the year stripping wallpapers off and painting everything in white to bring more light to each room. We had a great time, cracking up jokes about our childhood and listening to old French pop songs on the radio although I doubt they would like to repeat the experience – one DIY Xmas is enough but I still enjoy doing things around the home to make it look better.With Christmas around the corner, you’re bound to have family staying at your place so here are a few things you can do to create inspiring and inviting guest bedrooms. 1. | 2. photography: Ric Wallis | Styling Deb McLean via  | 3.  Photography: François Kong | Styling: Karine Kong  In collaboration with Time4Sleep | All opinions and layouts my own Je suis connue …

My style, that daybed, our office move….

I’m so happy to have found this gorgeous photos on Temp*files. It is exactly what I had in mind for the vintage army bed I got from one of my sponsors Chez Les Voisins last summer for our holiday home in France .Between wallpapering our bedroom and well..enjoying our holidays at the beach, I didn’t get around to take decent photos, well not as good the one Claude took on Temp*files anyway, so this one is perfect. I spotted two of them in Isabel Marant’s flat in Paris on Refinery29, mine will end up either in Mila’s room or in our tree house for afternoon naps up in the air.On a completely different subject, we found new offices for BODIE and FOU!!!!Thanks to Viktoria who reads this blog and is a regular customer of BODIE and FOU (thank you so much Viktoria!), we are moving in with Bombay Duck in Acton. So this is the perfect time to put all these inspiring workspaces I collected on Pinterest or the ones I wrote about here including Isabel Marant’s workspace to good use and come up with something really nice. Our new offices are gorgeous – think original …