Month: February 2012

A glimpse from our weekend styling

We have recently received the most beautiful linen collection…. The kind of washed linen I have been searching for a while and finally found during my last trip in France… At the moment,  François and I are going through the process of styling and shooting everything for the Summer brochure but I really wish I had a shop to show you everything… Everything is so stunning, soft and tactile and I’m totally in love with the hues of dark grey, sky grey, blue grey and vintage pink we’ve received.  Here is a glimpse of the kids linen apron in sky grey behind the handmade doll Pigmée…but there will be gorgeous aprons for adults too, linen scarves and bed linens for everybody.  Be prepared to have your bedrooms moving onto the next level of gorgeousness :-) Photo: François Kong | Styling: Karine Kong Nous avons récemment reçu une magnifique collection en lin de linge pour la maison…Le genre de Lin lavé que je cherche depuis des années et que j’ai enfin trouvé lors de mon dernier voyage en France… Pour l’instant,  François et moi sommes en …

Our home in London {the Koushi lamp}

About two years ago, I fell madly in love with the Koushi lamp which was on display at concept store MERCI in Paris. The Koushi lamp was designed by Mark Eden Schooley, who is not only a talented designer but an inspiring photographer.By the time I came back to Paris a few months later, all the Koushis had gone from MERCI. I tried to source it to add them onto our collection of lighting on BODIE and FOU but got nowhere. I contacted Ay Illuminate in the Netherlands as they produced a very similar lamp designed by Nelson Sepudelva but it turns out that these lamps were too fragile for mail order. I couldn’t find it anywhere in the UK and in the end, I managed to find some at Serendipity, another nice concept store for kids in Paris. Unfortunately, the size I wanted, had to be made to order and after two years of searching high and low, in the end I decided to make our own. Steve made the frame and I sewed a light and beautiful fabric onto the wire frame. Out …

SS/12 BODIE and FOU brochure – sneak peek

Here is a sneak-peek of the forthcoming the SS/12 BODIE and FOU brochure (you can request the current Winter catalogue or a copy of the forthcoming one here).I’m so excited by our new collection and I really can’t wait to show you the rest of what we have coming for this summer. I think the BAU pendant light below is stunning and although the Familia mugs are not new, I’ve always loved their organic shape.During my last trip to France, I finally found THE collection of gorgeous and soft bed linens in washed linen I have been looking for years and also some beautiful bed linens with stars for children…just magical! We’re planning to shoot them in 2 weeks once we have received some stock and samples.When it comes to styling, I have to say, I’m hugely enjoying the creative process. I still have a lot to learn to become a great stylist. I’m….(for the time being)….pathetically slow and thanks god, I’m not paid by the hour to do this but I’m having a ball.The only thing is that now I have to …

Behind-the-scenes of a busy weekend

We had a busy but fulfilling weekend…On Saturday, Mila & I managed a trip to Ikea in less than 1 hour 30 and her bedroom is now sorted with cute storage boxes (photos next week) and came back home just before the snow started to cover beautifully the streets of London. On Sunday, we all went for a long walk in the park early morning before everybody else arrive to make the most of the snow. Afterwards, Steve and Mila went to the cinema while François and I started shooting some nice summery shots for the BODIE and FOU SS2012 and BODIE and FOU Kids. Someone on Facebook was telling me how nice it was of Mila to pose for me taking a picture while François was doing some tests….Not quite, she was not looking at me, she was trying to watch FREE WILLY which was on TV ;-) Bat print from hereTutu from there (I love the frills of these tutus, they are wonderful!)

Little DIY project: magic decals to personalise jars

While the streets of London are covered with snow, we are shooting the first images of our Spring/Summer catalogue in a corner of my kitchen which seems a bit odd but necessary to be able to release it in May and so far so good… I really love the Summer vibes of these first shots and the new BAU pendant light is beautiful!During our lunch break, I discovered this fabulous tutorial by Kristine from  The Painted Hive to make labels on Ikea jars. She is the queen of decals tutorials because this other one she posted earlier looks equally fab so if you’re stuck at home today, I think it’s something you may enjoy reading to do it some other time. Have a great sunday Click here to read the instructions

Parma Lilac

This is the calming, minimalist home of Interior Designer of Janie Jackson, who has turned her Notting Hill home into a showroom for her online shop Parma Lilac (one of my favourite online stores)In a few seconds of madness a few years ago, I thought we ought to do the same with BODIE and FOU :-) I liked the idea of having people around….Steve not so much….not that he doesn’t enjoy having people around but having gone through the first year of trading, operating the business from home and having all our stock in every single room of our flat, by the time we moved the business into a warehouse a year later, there was no going back EVER to mixing work and family life to that extend…except when we are shooting our catalogue and talking of which, we’ve started working on the Summer one so if you wish to receive a copy, click here or follow our progress on facebook