Month: March 2012

Birthday girl in white heaven…

Today, I’m turning 43 and I have to say that I’m happy…Not that it is my Birthday, I don’t really care (except when my family forgets about it but they didn’t…), no I’m happy because I feel good in my own skin and happy with what I have in my life. I live with the love of my life who not only I think, is good-looking but has great taste and showered me with beautiful gifts this morning from Mont Blanc and COS. I have a wonderful child who is becoming an amazing, funny and witty little person, a business that I’m passionate about. I have friends that I have known for 25 years and others that I only met online but who are very much present in my daily life. I have a first catalogue that received an Award early this week, a great team and people around me I enjoy working with. I have still fire in my belly and the willingness to try things, take a risk and I have decided that …

We won the Oscars!

Well…almost. Last night, we won the ECMOD Direct Commerce Awards 2012 for the first BODIE and FOU mail order catalogue which is a bit like The Oscars of direct marketing and I can’t tell you how proud I am! In the run-up to the Awards, I was trying to convince myself that it was not a big deal if we won or not, but having attended a conference all day and feeling sick, I kind of figured out by the time I got home to get changed that it was actually a bigger deal than I wanted to admit it. Unlike the adorable Gwyneth, I didn’t get ready for the Awards with my buddy Cameron but I got some confident-boosting feedback from friends on Facebook (yes I know I look super stressed out…I was a bit nervous and late!) After trying five different dresses, I went for black cropped trousers from Zara, black high-heel from Country Road (a gift from my kiwi Papa Noel), a pleated see-through top in cream from Reiss and a gorgeous clutch bag from Clare …

I could/want to live there

I have been having a strong migraine since Wednesday evening and I could cry…well actually I did a bit this am, it was so painful. I don’t know if it was down to my Pilates session or a bug going around but whatever it is, I’m not a happy bunny. Over 24 hours is a very long time to have your head doing BABOUM BABOUM!Can someone give me a lift to this wonderful place to recover please… Photography by Tomaestudio via Wabisabi

Do What You Think Is Right….

The launch of our new prints could not have come at a better time… This morning, we found out that we have been shortlisted for the ECMOD AWARDS with the first mail catalogue we launched last year. The ECMOD Awards are like the Oscars of direct marketing so a very, BIG deal for our little company. We’re going places people!! :-) I’m also totally in love with our new print: Do what you think is right print

Wood+White+Linen mood board

For the launch of our new category Wood+White+Linen, Aurora made one of her gorgeous mood boards which you can also find it on Pinterest here. Isn’t this beautiful!? Rabbit lamp | Ceramic soap dish | Owl vase | Pure nature wooden stool | San-Francisco map | Scrapwood wallpaper  |  Handmade Pigmee doll | La Petite Epicerie by Jacqueline Morabito | White linen scarf | French bodycare by Cote Bastide  | Familia coffee cup

Styling from the weekend

More preview from our SS/2012 catalogue (you can request a copy here). Our new washed linen collection from Linge Particulier is simply amazing. This beautiful grey blue duvet cover which we will upload on BODIE and FOU this week, made me feel like I was on holidays…and so did these pallets!! As you may know, we tend to shoot the BODIE and FOU catalogue around my home to achieve a live-in style.The room below is our guest room but the light is so amazing in it that it is also the perfect photo studio. We initially brought two pallets in, just to do the Bedroom shot for the catalogue but I’m loving this look so much that we are now going to get two more pallets and turn it into a proper base for the bed.Bat print tree roller blind* nature wooden stool (NEW) linen duvet cover (NEW) will be added online this week*If you haven’t seen this post, there is currently a special offer to get 20% OFF all our roller blinds (including the Blue Tree blind featured below). Offer …

Life with Mila…at the pool

Now that I know how to crawl, this gives me a great deal of satisfaction, let alone a huge amount of freedom & fun in the water.My next thing is taking Pilates classes. Last week I was told by my chiropractor that around the age of 50, the upper body of women start to fall down which causes back problems. Did you know that??It also seems that despite by regular 10K run and fitness level, my body has starting this process earlier than scheduled so I have now about 10 years to improve my core strength and get a fitter body by the time I’m 50 which frankly sucks! Walking back from the pool…Me: (making conversation) “I can finally crawl. Do you think I’m good?”Mila: “um…yes you are but I dont want to say it so let’s pretend I said it“…La voila… I’m in love with our new Ghost sofa by Paola Navone. Grey tutu from here