Month: March 2012

Happiness = leather bag + linen apron

I love the leather of this bag and I love this new linen apron! Photo 1 & 2: François Kong | Styling: Karine Kong

Inspiration of the day

Thursday is {Styling Day} for me today.As the Rabbit lamp and the Batgirl print are back in stock (although not for long looking at the stock level….), I’m gonna have a bit of fun with them so I leave you with these images that inspired me. fall–winter 1993–1994, wim neelsphotography ronald stoops | make-up and hair inge grognard young belgian fashion design, veerle windelspublished by ludion ghent Via Mechant Design Via Moastidrom

Monochrome love

Finally….the Batgirl print and the Feathers print have arrived!  They have been stuck with the UK customs since 21st February and they have finally released the parcel today…I can’t tell you how annoyed I was by this delay, we had so many pre-orders…. I really hate let down customers but anyway they are in Da House now and that’s all it matters.  So today, happy day! We’re shipping all the pre-orders to Finland, Iceland, Taiwan, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Norway… Photo 1 & 2: François Kong | Styling: Karine Kong | photo 3: Vosges Paris

Which styling do you prefer?

We’ve shot two versions of the BAU pendant light for our Summer catalogue (I love this light!) I like them both (they make me feel calm) but I think the styling is better on the first image and I really love the Summery vibe of this blue San-Francisco map and the ceramic owl vase that holds paint brushes. What do you think? Which one would you choose for the catalogue? I would really appreciate your feedback on this….THANKS!! PS: The bottom photo with black masking tape was a gift from Christine Bernadet who writes the wonderful and funny Glouglou et Chou (on a winter blog break at the moment). I had these photos on a shelf in my lounge since she sent them to me last year and I’m super happy to be able to use them there. Photo: François Kong | Styling: Karine Kong

Truck | Inspiring Japanese shop

Was the weather beautiful where you were today?It was wonderful in London…The room where we shot our new linen aprons for men was filled by a beautiful, natural light and this, added to the beautiful dark grey, light blue grey and light grey linens of the aprons made everything incredibly inspiring to style…I was in heaven.I also started styling the bed linens collection and I think once the shot is finished with the right light, details etc…it will be a very inviting room. You can see more pics on Facebook. Talking of inspiration, today I also felt really inspired by this gorgeous Japanese shop called TRUCK which was founded by Tokuhiko Kise and Hiromi Karatsu in 1997. TRUCK design furniture with timeless appeal and integrity, the kind of design and concept I particularly affectionate. I was also very attracted to their styling which felt real and then I read that they do everything themselves for their catalogue, from styling to photography. Like us, they shot their catalogue in the homes and shops they live and work everyday, with their own things as props like I do and …