Month: April 2012

Creative project for a rainy Sunday

I love using grey at home. I painted one of Mila’s walls in down pipe by Farrow & Ball (pic here and there) and I used Pavillion grey on our bedroom so I have a few leftover post of paint at home.I really love this idea of painting a big, feel good heart painted on our walls…Have a wonderful Sunday…

Samedi heureux, Samedi pluvieux

A saturday doing nothing….Finally…just drinking tea, eating cake and chatting with my sis’Funny how the day goes quickly when you do nothing with pleasure

My interview in Baby & Me Exclusive magazine

I’m very excited (non non jury service doesn’t rock my boat) but I was interviewed recently by the fabulous BABY & ME Exclusive magazine and the interview is out now. I love that they used this photo of the Pigmee doll, Mila is holding against her washed linen apron….two of my favourite items this season! And Elodie and I really need to have new photos of us together taken! The B&W one the magazine used is from the Grand Designs magazine photoshoot in 2008. And it seems that it is the week for all the interviews I answered recently to all come out at the same time so you will also find an interview on The Good Web Guide.  

Chut….come in & check these beautiful bedrooms…

I have been a bit quiet lately and this is hardly going to change over the next days since I’m on jury service duty until further notice. Needless to say that I would much prefer doing my own things rather than sitting for five hours waiting for my name to be called out in a place that stops selling chocolate bars at 2pm….I almost died of boredom today and I have to go back tomorrow to see if I’m finally going to be sitting in a court room or not.Anyway, here are a few bedrooms that I love before I head myself to bed… 1. Design Files 2. je ne sais pas mais j’adore 3. Books Cats Coffee 4. The Lifestyle Editor 5 & 6. BODIE and FOU although technically the last one is more a close up than a bedroom shot but it’s one I styled for our SS/12 catalogue which I had not shown yet (bed linen from here)

Will Cooper-Mitchell

One day…soon…don’t know when….don’t know how…we will make a nice video for BODIE and FOU Until then, enjoy watching this one with photographer Will Cooper-Mitchell

Easter, chocolate, family….

Our family has arrived from the other side of the world (New-Zealand)… Au programme for the next few days until we take them to our holidays home in France… Borough market, Petershame Nurseries, Columbia Road & the flower market, the London eye, kiwi BBQ, gorgeous food and chocolate eggs for Mila who is on the starting block… Have a great Sunday Images from the ever so talented Claude…

Life with Mila…at breakfast

Yesterday morning, Steve got up at 6am to take Lucas for a walk. When Mila and I joined him an hour later for breakfast, he told us that Linda, our au-pair, came home at 6am. This is unusual as Linda often comes home around midnight after working in a pub nearby but last night, she was out partying. Mila’s reaction made me laugh…. Mila: “Oh WOW, she worked ALL Night!!”Aren’t kids just great to look at the world with a positive attitude and think the best of everything and everyone… :-)This is what François and I worked on last weekend.The second picture which shows the beautiful Rob Ryan plates better is likely to be on the back cover of our catalogue…{We have entered the fabulous MyDeco Independent Home Shop Award} Nominate BODIE and FOU as your favourite ever independent Home Shop and you could win £1000* to spend in our concept store on anything you like!  CLICK HERE to enter the competition. Photo: François Kong | Styling: Karine Kong

Which image do you prefer?

After the launch of our first and now award-winning catalogue (yeah I know I keep repeating myself but I’m very happy and proud!), we got a lot of positive feedback on this photo of my lounge, which also made us realised that not everyone knew how to replicate the look…So in our Summer catalogue, we’ve added a few styling tips throughout the catalogue to show you how you can achieve a similar look in your own home. It’s dead easy and inexpensive. We’ve also re-shot two versions of my moodboard with the Rabbit lamp (which never quite made it to Mila’s bedroom) and this Do What You Think is Right print which is seriously becoming my mantra. Since you were SUPER helpful last time, I would love to know which one you prefer. I thought a close-up (pic 3) would be visually stronger but once we dropped each image into a (very rough) mock-up, we all felt in the office that the first two images fitted better the layout of the page and then it is a choice between image 1 and image …