Month: May 2012

Mila’s 7th Birthday party

This year, Mila didn’t want a themed Birthday party like last year’s Moustache party last so we went for a white & soft pink colour scheme. It was a gorgeous day! Food: pink lemonade, pink cupcakes, strawberry/raspberry fruit salad, white & pink marshmallows with little pink flags Mila and I made with Japanese masking tapes and the ‘famous’ chocolate cake which, I admit was the only homemade thing this time Party bags: Hello Kitty toothpaste, Bear Yo Yo, glittering glue stick and a pink pom pom Deco: Striped straws bought in New-Zealand last year.

Awesome WE read + a little creative project

Hello! I realised this morning that with everything going on, I totally forgot to tell you that our gorgeous, inspiring, awesome Spring Summer 2012 catalogue was now available on issuu. The print version will be mailed to BODIE and FOU customers and those who requested a copy next Friday. Voila! job done and I hope you like it !I also wanted to share with you these FREE downlodable vintage paper placemats from the Pretty Blog (I love the cutlery one).Have a lovely Sunday.I’m off to make a cake for Mila to take to school for her birthday (I’m one week behind) and I have to start planning her Birthday party. This year she doesn’t want any theme, so no moustache party like we did for her 6th birthday, and no lovely decoration like we did for her 5th birthday. I cant work out if I’m relieved (because let’s face it I’m exhausted..things have been a little bit crazy since the beginning of the year) or a bit disappointed…

Mila’s Birthday

Mila is 7 today…I could never have dreamt in a million years to have such a gorgeous, beautiful, smart and funny little girl and I wish from the bottom of my heart that she grows into a beautiful, smart and funny young woman…Happy Birthday ma chérie, je t’ énORmement! Photo 1 & 2 by Chris Tubbs for the Grand Design photoshoot  | Photo 3 & 4 by Michael Paul for Home Beautiful Australia who is shooting our London home this weekend.

Super easy creative project

A few years ago, a US customer sent us some lovely images where she used our Bird Clothes pegs to hang the name of her wedding guests for the seating plan (which I thought was a genius idea!) When Mila was 5, I used them in her bedroom to display her drawings masterpieces… I also use them too to keep packs of rice and bulgur wheat closed in the cupboard and as paper clips but that’s just me….However, the food bags thing then gave me the idea of using them to make an advent calendar… This year – LET’S BE CRAZY!!! – I may use them for Mila’s upcoming Birthday party…

Inspiring Typography

I love typography…I also like the visual impact a chosen font will have on the style one wants to convey for a brand, a packaging, a logo or even a page layout (i.e. the Welcome page of our SS/12 catalogue).If you are in the process of launching your brand or company, it is very important you think about what you want to convey with the font or logo because…. first impression counts!So here a few examples of typography, page layout and branding examples I’m collecting on Pinterest….Have a lovely, inspiring evening! 1. Welcome page of BODIE and FOU SS/12 catalogue (which is now on Issuu!) 2. Only As print using typography (see also Do What You Think Is Right print) 3. Mila’s bedroom with Pigmee garland 4. Layout by Aline Diepois and Thomas Gilzome 5. Pinterest 6. Lotta Jansdotter window shop 7. Charlotte Gainsbourg in VOGUE

Sneak-peek of our SS/2012 catalogue

Here is a sneak-peek of our Spring/Summer catalogue which I think looks even better than our first one (and that one got an Award!). This time we take you on a summery journey between London and the French Atlantic coast to indulge in beautiful soft bed linens from France, stylish Clare Vivier clutches to go to a party in town or for an evening walk by the beach and as usual inspiring, creative ideas to make your home a happy place. I really hope you will love it as much as I do and I take this opportunity to thank everyone at CHS Creative and Sophie and Francois that have done an amazing job! Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

Soft pinks at home

I’m not a huge fan of the way toys companies or interiors companies produce and market all their products in pink for girls and blue for boys, especially the ones with Barbie, Bob The Builder themed etc…I think given the chance, kids have far more to offer than a life through pink and blue glasses just because of their gender.Saying that, as a mother I can’t deny that a lot of little girls are going through a “pink if not Princess’ phase at some point in their lives. Mila did and believe me it was not something I encouraged!!A couple of years ago I posted two articles “Pink, pink you stink”  and Pink for grown-ups here) that gave advices on how to decorate a little girl bedroom with soft, touches of pink. I think the best way to do this, is to stay clear from the bright Barbie pink and go for vintage pink – a softer colour which goes very well with soft, light grey. So here are three of my favourite pink home accessories …