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Cheerful Friday!

I can’t tell you how happy I am that jury service is over. It feels a bit strange to be involved in so many details in the lives of people and then have to make a decision on their actions. As you hear new evidence, each day brings a new set of moods and thoughts. What was black becomes white and vice-versa and day three may be tinted with grey but it’s never really straightforward.
I felt impatient, frustrated, tired, sad, forgiving, thoughtful and hopeful. It can take a split second to end up on the wrong side and that’s how fragile we all are but I hope something good will come out of the decision we made.
So that was it.
Today, I’m super excited to be back at work! We have one more spread of our new SS/2012 catalogue to go through and then, we’re sending our baby off to the printer…
We gonna move things around the office, recruit new people (more of this next week), say goodbye to Jennifer, our lovely French intern and enjoy a Bank Holidays weekend….

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  1. Now that I see the paper flowers in reds and whites. I have a great idea for Memorial Day. Just add some light blue striped and some dark royal solid tissue flowers and voila Memorial Day!

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