Month: June 2012

Inspiring (clearing) Sunday….

For the past few weeks, I have been de-cluttering our home like crazy.  One cupboard after another, room by room, I am diligently going through everything and I can’t tell you how good this feels.  Sometimes when things get too much (and I mean too busy), something has to give in so I’m streamlining our ‘family procedures’, the way I would have done it at work :-) Today, I’m tackling my Macbook and I found these pictures I took of Lily and Mila in our holiday home in France. The pendant light is the large one by Kathleen Hills, Lily wears our new blue grey linen apron and Mila wears the vintage pink linen apron (more colours for kids and grown-ups here). Have a great Sunday xoxo

Did you know that in China, Bats are symbol of good fortune? Bat print from


Did you know that in China, Bats are a symbol of good fortune?  Bats are very auspicious creatures and if one ever flies into your home, you won’t want to do any harm to it cause it brings you luck!  The bat is a symbol of good fortune because the word bian3 fu2 蝙蝠 sounds like luck “fu2”. Two bats “shuang1 fu2” 双福 means double luck. A design of two bats with a sceptre ru2 yi4 means “double happiness as wished”. Five bats “wu3 fu2” 五福 means Five Fortunes referring to Good Luck, Prosperity, Wealth, Happiness, Longevity.

Such an inspiring feedback….

This is the message I found in my in-box this morning: “When everybody boast about Merci, I really think BODIE and FOU is a much greater achievement. It’s inspirational, efficient and generous. I try to find something to criticize because critics are more useful than compliments but at the moment I can’t see any. Keep going on Karine !  Your blog and your e-shop are a great source of presents and ideas. And your daily life is always shared with elegance. I must admit I am sometimes surprised by how much Anne and I share some taste and lifestyle habits with you (grey wall for a little girl room, fondness for Bill Granger,….) One thing is sure if you ever come near Lyon tell us !“ So well…. THANK YOU!!!!!  I was trying hard to think if I knew this person if we had met but I don’t think I did so it makes it even more important to me. 

Styling from Amsterdam…

After chatting until 1 am with Desiree and drinking wine, I got up this morning feeling a tiny bit tired but it was so great to catch up with Desiree and talked endlessly about interior design, styling and other creative things. This morning, I styled a few things I had brought with me from our collection. Desiree has really a gorgeous place that she styled beautifully. Wherever you look, there is an inspiring corner, little mood boards made with masking tapes. Her sense of style is very strong and she has created an amazing space with beautiful volumes and lots of natural light. Don’t you love this gorgeous clothes rail that she designed and got made by a local tradesman? I think it is beautiful! I have more photos to take this afternoon but here is a sneak-peek of the shots I did for the Do What You Think Is Right print and a gorgeous leather bag that goes nicely with my new white jacket from Zara…very Bianca Jagger in the 70s, don’t you think? Have a great weekend

Off to Amsterdam…

Tomorrow afternoon, I’m flying to Amsterdam to attend the Meet The Blogger conference (see this little interview they kindly did with me) so I may be catching up with a few of you on Saturday.I really enjoyed last year’s trip because it was very inspiring on many levels…I got to meet lots of interesting & inspiring women who I have stayed in touch with since then (merci Twitter and Facebook), Holly was launching her first book Decorate which we know now, became a HUGE success and I got to see a fair amount of inspiring places and shops thanks to Desiree from Vosges Paris. Of course, I came back with a few souvenirs including this very heavy but beautiful wooden chopping board and a white stool, that British Airways almost prevented from taking on board.I love Amsterdam. I think it is a very inspiring, creative city and I can’t wait to immerse myself in the Dutch way of life for the next three days, sharing creative ideas with Desiree, reading her old copies of VT Wonen and eating her homemade raviolis.This year, I’m even more excited …

Gorgeous linen aprons for kids

This afternoon, we received a small batch of our gorgeous duvet covers in washed linen which means that the blue grey duvet cover and the vintage pink duvet cover are now back in stock. Once they are sold out, you will need to wait until mid-July for us to get more stock.I’m really really loving this whole linen collection, there is something very soothing about these beautiful linens and I have a massive crush on the soft grey duvet cover which looks really beautifully matched with these pure bright pillow cases.And of course, we have these adorable linen aprons for children like the light grey featured below, which are super nice!!They are available in light grey, blue grey and vintage pink and costs £35 each. Version seriousVersion focused Version laughing