Month: July 2012

So smitten with Monika Elena’s Photography

I love the work of Monika Elena…I love the sweet, warm feeling that exudes from her photos…I love seeing the children she photographes being happy, smiling and innocent…I love her polaroids… and I miss Mila…18 days to go before I can hold her in my arms and cover her with kisses. I can’t wait!


We’ve ran out of this gorgeous tutu in vintage pink but they will be back at the beginning of September along with our brand new website! I saw this image of paints on this beautiful blog this morning and I felt really inspired by it. I’m not usually a pastel person but I do love it in a kids bedroom especially when soft greys are involved so I will try to do something next ween when I start styling again for our Xmas catalogue but right now, I have to leave you and love you! I’m off to Cyprus with the man of my life for a long weekend xoxo

Industrial home with a pool

The first thing that caught my attention was the lap pool. I’ve always found long, narrow pools visually attractive and as, at some point, we will move to Australia or head back to France, it is the kind of design I would like to have for our pool. I also love the inside, made of concrete walls and steel beams. It’s simple, pared down and filled with natural light…just perfect You can see the whole article on Dwell (photos by Daniel Hennessy)

Do you want to look like Sharon Tate?

I just found this photo of Sharon Tate here. Pretty stunning, isn’t she? I don’t have the recipe to look like her but I know where you can find the same STAR t-shirt!

Workout inspiration

While I’m in France by the sea, I thought I would try to make the most of my week there and run like the wind…My objective was to lose 3 to 5 kg by the time we are on holidays mid-August but as I’m writing this, I realise that 5 may be unrealistic in 4 weeks unless I starve myself but 3 is achievable. I ran 8K yesterday, 10K this morning and I’m hoping to keep the good work. Interestingly enough, I read that on top of working out and having a healthy, balanced diet, it also helps to listen to a relaxation tape in the evening to visualise your weight loss so I found this one. I thought his voice was a bit intense to start with but it got better when the music started and now I really enjoy listening to his voice convincing my sub-conscious to stay away from chocolate and other things I tend to indulge in. And if you need to visualise your forthcoming, fit and beautiful figure, check out North (image 2). It is …

Morabito…because I love her

I’m in France for a week so I thought I would treat you (visually) with some images of interiors & products designed by my ‘interior’ hero Jacqueline Morabito… The last two are photos I styled for Morabito’s collection which is currently in our Summer sale and which also includes this beautiful, handmade plaster candleholder.  1. Morabito | 2, 3, 4 & 5 (C) Martin Morell | 6 & 7 Vogue Living Sept/Oct 2010 | 8 & 9  François Kong

Styling with blue

In the plane flying from London to Bordeaux Mila: “What age can I have a boyfriend?”Me: “um…24” (Steve would be proud)Mila: “Nooo, no way, 13! I’m go-nna tell everyone I’ll have a boyfriend when I’m 13!! I’m go-nna tell everyone I’ll have a boyfriend when I’m 13!!“ :-) I love Sweet Paul‘s styling. It is always warm, welcoming and inviting. I love this vintage blue chair and I so can see myself achieving a similar look with these beautiful blue plates.


I have started running again…I hadn’t done it properly for at least 2 months and in the past two weeks, it has felt as if I was starting all over again, as if I never ran in my whole life but I’m picking up the peace and so is Lucas.But it does feel incredibly good once you’ve done it! For more inspiration on working out, you can follow my board on Pinterest here