Month: October 2012

Looking for inspiring ideas? Here is a sneak-peek of our Autumn catalogue

One week to go and we wil receive the first copies of new Autumn catalogue…I’m super excited! It has been a mammoth job for our team between the new site, the new collection and the Christmas catalogue which is bigger than our Summer one but everything looks amazing! One of my favourite spread is the WOOD+COPPER+LINEN shot by Francois which I styled. OK I admit I’m totally biased given that everything we put in our collection are things we love but this beautiful washed linen collection just makes my heart beat a bit faster. When we shot the cover of our Summer catalogue, I couldn’t resist and treated myself with the blue grey duvet cover and since then added the pure white duvet cover. Elodie bought the soft grey duvet cover which she mixed with white pillow cases – Gorgeous! And the more I stare at the new mustard duvet cover, the more I want it, who is with me on this!? :-) Make sure you request a copy of our catalogue HERE The gorgeous handmade star garland can be found here

The BODIE and FOU Blog in Inside Out magazine

Wow…I have been blessed with some amazing PR recently. First my home was featured in the fab French magazine MILK (you can read the article in English here) and it was also featured in Dutch magazine 101 Woonideen, I got interviewed by The Scotland Mail on Sunday and yesterday I answered an interview for ELLE DECORATION (Elle Deco!! I mean this has been on my wish list since the day I started BODIE and FOU!!). To top it up, this morning I received a PDF from Inside Out magazine featuring my blog as one of 6 blogs to bookmarks and I’m in great company with Blooming Lovely, Shoe Box Dwelling, Oh How Very Lovely, Gardens in Unexpected Places and For The Love of Type. So big thank you to Lee who wrote the piece. I’ve already told her when she contacted me, that it made really happy because I genuinely love Inside Out and it is one magazine I always grab each time we go to New-Zealand to visit Steve’s family. If you live in Australia or New-Zealand, you know what I’m talking about…right!?

Who needs business advisors when you have a 7 years old

Mila: “did you go to work today?”Me: “Yes”Mila: “when do they want more money?” (“they” as in…the management company…see post here)Me: “Next year…I’m thinking of opening a shop…”Mila: “a real one!? I think you should!”Me: “Why?Mila: “Because it is a very good idea…”Me: “Would you work in the shop?”Mila: putting her hand on my shoulder “I’m at school!! But you can talk to the school.”Who needs business advisors when you have a 7 years old with business acumen… 1. Ochre via SFGirlbybay 2. Canvas Home Store via {Me}longings 3. Mogeen Hair salon 4. via Style Essentials I would be lying if this idea didn’t vividly cross my mind. As I’m searching for new offices, I’m also checking out retail spaces just in case I find a space that ticks all the boxes. I have such a clear vision of what the BODIE and FOU concept store would be and although we are growing and thriving in a tough economic market, I have to be careful that we can walk safely before running. Still for the time being, it doesn’t …

In search of inspiring workspaces

The lease  of our offices is up for renewal in March and I have been informed by the management company that the rent would increase by 12% which is really high given the economic climates so I’m now searching for new, inspiring, affordable offices in West London to keep our options open. It’s a real shame because we have been very happy in our current offices. We are blessed with a huge amount of natural light and our unit has great white brick walls, NYC loft style…. For having operated from ‘not so inspiring’ premises in the first years of the business, I know how important it is for the spirit and the well-being of your team (and yourself!!) to have a nice, working environment so I’m on a mission to find a workspace that will feel like home. If you hear of anything, office/light industrial spaces available or large spaces at ground level (for deliveries), forgotten shops  that we could turn into a concept store, let me know…. We are after 850 sq ft …

Good things to come your way….

We’re launching a brand new website today.It’s truly gorgeous!However it means that until all the new files are transferred, you may be unable to place an order online so if your order is urgent, feel free to call us on 0208 450 5600.The (new & improved!) BODIE and FOU site will be up & running around lunch time.

Our beloved Batgirl print is back

So pleased…Our Batgirl print is finally back in stock and we are shipping it to France, Belgium, The Netherlands and the UK. You can order yours from here Have a great day Bises

BODIE and FOU Interview in the Lifestyle Editor

My interview in The Lifestyle Editor

I had the chance to be interviewed by Stephanie Bateman Sweet,  renowned Stylist and Author for THE LIFESTYLE EDITOR I HEART WORK  Who are you: Karine Candice Köng What is your work: Founder and Creative Director (with my sister, Elodie) of award-winning online concept store BODIE and FOU and professional blogger. What is your website: Describe your work in 5 words? Inspiring, challenging, rewarding, fun and busy. What is the first thing you do when you get to work? Chat with my team, check my emails and drink water. I aim to drink 2 litres a day, and starting first thing in the morning helps me to ensure I get through it. It just sets the tone for a healthy day, “Mens sana in corpore sano.” Why do you love what you do? I love the freedom and creativity it gives me, discovering new designers, meeting inspiring, creative people and share their work with customers who love what we find. What can’t you work without? My iMac and my team. I am surrounded by great people who love what they do – …