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Pigmée | handmade dolls

I first wrote how special the Pigmée collection was to me almost a year ago here and while it was too late for us to include it in our last Xmas catalogue, this year you will find Pigmée a bit everywhere
…lounging on our stonewashed linen collection
…in Mila’s bedroom here and there as we have two at home now
…in the white Christmas moodboard from our Autumn/Winter catalogue and below.
Pigmée is a beautiful, handmade collection designed by Florence Bories, a young designer who just gave birth to a little boy named Oscar so things are getting a bit busy for Florence right now and the delivery we received will be the last one we received before Christmas so don’t wait for too long if you wish to offer one of these beautiful dolls as a gift. The good news is that we managed to get more of this beautiful garland, the bad news is that Florence is stopping them to introduce new designs and keep her collection fresh – which is a shame because I really like how beautiful it looks in Mila’s bedroom but hey we all need to move on from time to time and I’m sure the 2013 Pigmée collection will be wonderful!
Lots of deliveries this week so the UP poster, Friends of Violet poster, the Paumes books and the turquoise linen scarf are all back in stock

Photo: François Kong | Styling: Karine Kong

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