Year: 2012

Styling tips to make your Christmas decoration easy

Early this week, I shared some of my styling tips to decorate your home for Christmas at little cost using masking tapes. If you have children around to give you a hand, that’s even better! Mila loved doing the Christmas tree on the wall or making little flags to decorate cakes and pies…and then eating the pies afterwards! Today, I would like to show you what Frida from Trendenser did with black & white masking tapes to give you more ideas. From decorating tea lights (you can get cheap ones from Ikea) to jazzing up Christmas gifts, there is a huge amount of things you can do with masking tapes… If some of you have lovely images of your creative projects, by all means email them to me to leblog(at)bodieandfou(dot)com and I will post them here with a link to your site or blog if you have one {Thank you for leaving a comment. Reading them always makes me very happy} (C) Trendenser En début de semaine, je vous ai montré quelques unes de mes suggestions pour créer une décoration …

4 Styling tips to make your Christmas decoration easy

If you are on Instagram, you may have seen that over the weekend, Mila painted a pumpkin left over from Halloween in silver. It was a creative job we both enjoy – although for different reasons :-) but that pretty much kick-started our Xmas decorations… For those who haven’t received a copy of the BODIE and FOU Christmas catalogue*, here are four styling tips I put together using washi tapes. I’m a big fan of japanese masking tapes and I use them regularly at home and at work to create mood boards. Versatile, easy to use, they are an inexpensive way to get cracking with Christmas decorations… *You can see the BODIE and FOU catalogue on Issuu here {Thank you for leaving a comment. Reading them always makes me very happy} Decorative star | Polar bears (SOLD OUT!), can be replaced by White Deers | masking tapes Si vous etes sur Instagram, vous avez peut-etre vu que ce weekend, Mila a peint couleur argent, une citrouille qui nous resté d’Halloween. C’était un petit projet créatif que nous avons apprecié toutes les …

Guest post on Kellly Hoppen’s blog | Women

I was very honoured a few weeks ago to be asked to participate to Kelly Hoppen‘s media campaign which aims to inspire and support those in business with Prince’s Trust, the UK Trade & Investment and Prime.Kelly asked several internet entrepreneurs for their testimonials including my friends Arianna, Carole and Daniel who launched the first digital UK Interior magazine: Heart Home magazine last year Jaime Derringer who left a full-time job to launch DESIGN MILK – one of the world’s most influential online design sites and of course, Holly Becker of Decor8 who  is one the most inspiring and warm person I’ve ever met and who has recently launched very successfully her second book Decorate Workshop.And then us…who launched a family business 7 years ago.You’ll see that the first few years were ‘a bit challenging’ to say the least but like anything…. what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. I found everyone’s testimonials very inspring and if you are thinking of launching a business online, I’m sure you will too.You can read the full article here and read Kelly’s article on the Huffington Post here …

Julia x 3 | Styling from last week

Gee…that was a busy day! Good news is that our decorative animal heads got featured in Daily Candy, and the Circus print is back in stock.Those who follow me on Instagram know that last week Francois and I were shooting the new Clare Vivier clutch collection with Julia…Yes that Julia….the slim, beautiful, long shiny hair, funny, big-mouth Julia!!First, I would like to say that I’m still madly in love with this oversize clutch bag which I had in blue last year but then I went to see my sister in Paris and she begged me so much that I ended up giving it to her to keep her quiet but the more I look how good it looks on this photo, the more I want it.Second…well, after putting the BODIE and FOU work stuff to bed, we played a bit and here is the result…Hope you like it! Photo: François Kong | Styling: Karine Kong

Happy thoughts for the weekend….

I meant to do this post on Friday but I ran out of time. What are you up to today?I’ve just been for a little 5K run and kicked off my day with a healthy breakfast. I have been slacking for a few weeks but I need to get back into because the next few weeks in the shop are going to be a marathonLast night I realised that I was allergic to Lancôme Renergie Lift volumetry yeux – So annoyed!! Instead of reducing wrinkles and lines around my eyes, I ended up with puffy eyes looking like a Panda. So today I’m gonna explore a more natural way with brands like Origins, Kieh’ls, Aesop and get a few samples before committing to a brand. Which product are you using for wrinkles around your eyes?This week I loved….discovering Les Carnets Parisiens which made my day! Gorgeous, gorgeous food styling! taking part in this fabulous online auction,pulling the names of 3 winners for this competitionand this afternoon, I may take my mum to We Make London at Spitafields market.Have a great Sunday xoxo{Thank you for leaving a …

What did you think of the The Little Black Jacket exhibition?

For those who are on instagram (bodieandfou), you would know that Elodie, Mila and I went to see the Little Black Jacket exhibition yesterday on King’s Road which was a very pleasant surprised because I was convinced that it ended last weekend when I was in France.Beautiful photos of beautiful people taken by Karl Lagerfel. If you haven’t see it, hurry up! Yesterday they were given away a set of 3 posters Ceux qui sont sur instagram (bodieandfou), savent deja qu’ Elodie, Mila et moi sommes allées voir  l’exposition a la Saatchi Gallery: Little Black Jacket exhibition sur King’s Road, ce qui était pour moi une agréable suprise parce que j’étais persuadée que l’expo s’était terminée le weekend dernier lorsque j’étais en France.  De tres belles photos prises par Karl Lagerfel. Si vous ne l’avez pas vu, dépéchez-vous!! Hier, ils offraient un set de trois posters a chaque visitor. Qui se souvient que Maiween avait gagné le concours de mannequin du magazine 20 ans, il y a presque 15 ans???

Inspiring diner curated by KINFOLK | Food styling

As mentioned here, KINFOLK is a community of artists with a shared interest in small gatherings. My favourite shot ever from these diners is still this one taken by Leo Patrone in the Green Building in NYC. Last September, they met on British Columbia’s Vancouver Island to share a dinner. The night was hosted at the historic China Town loft of local florist Erica Smolders of Rook & Rose and curated by herself and designers Ellie Chapple and Tara Hurst.  I”m always in awe with the photography of their gatherings. I wish we could do the same in London. Well, as usual…when I have something in mind, I just act upon it so I have contacted them to see how we could make one happen in London…. You can order KINFOLK Vol.5 here, it’s the perfect read to embrace the beauty of Autumn… Photography: Ameris Comme je l’ai mentionné ici, KINFOLK est une communauté d’artistes qui aime se retrouver régulierement autour d’une table et d’un bon repas.  Ma photo préférée de ces soirées est toujours celle de My favourite shot from these diners were celle-ci prise par Leo Patrone dans the Green Building a NYC. En Septembre dernier, ils …

Life with Mila | The Tooth Fairy

Sadly Mila and I had to rush to France yesterday to see my 95 years old mamie (she is the hot chick on the left hand side and my mum is the one in the middle sporting the bathing suit with spots – I love this photo). It’s a sad time but I wanted to be there to tell her what a wonderful grandmother she had been to me before it was too late.