Month: February 2013

What most schools don’t teach | Life with Mila

I thought it was a very interesting video…I know sometimes we look at successful people thinking how did they do it? Well…that’s just it, they did it! They didn’t spend years thinking…umm I don’t know how to do this or that, they just gave it a go, tried, sometimes failed and tried again.After I wrote this post about blogging, I got a few comments from people who were scared of even starting a blog. Starting a blog is one of the easiest thing you can do, so if it’s something that has been on your mind for a while, just do it!It’s a wonderful creative process and before thinking that it may become something that could bring you some income or not, take the pressure off it by looking at it, as your creative window. Let’s face it when you start, not many people will read your stuff anyway :-)Over the past seven years and since I’ve started blogging, I have taught myself about html code, photoshop, taking better photos, styling. I have connected and …

Be honest | Be yourself | Get paid for your work

Yesterday on Facebook, I asked a few of my fellow bloggers a simple question to find out how long a sponsored post should remain live on your blog (i.e. a month/3 months/a lifetime). It raised a lot of interesting, passionate answers and while at first, I felt like I had opened a can of worms, one thing that stroke a chord was the notion of integrity and trust.  {So…Should you get paid for your work?} Well why not!? Not everyone who writes a blog wants to be a professional blogger but if you do, if you love blogging, if you love sharing and you want to make a new career out of it, then getting into the right frame of mind and having the confidence to get paid for your work is important. However, let’s be realistic there…Blogging is a game of patience. Even the most successful blogs have not become a success overnight. There is a lot of hours put into generating unique, interesting content . You also need to be consistent and most importantly BE …

Coming soon…a very inspiring little coffee place

Steve took me to a very nice coffee place this morning after we froze to death watching Mila playing football. There were so many things, so many decorative details that would make great decorative corners for the home in this cafe… I absolutely loved it and I thank Edwin the owner for the book on coffee places he gave me. I’ll write a proper post next week but you can see more pics on InstagramHave a great weekend

A match in heaven…

Our stonewashed bed linens + the fabulous Anthology magazine = quite the match in heaven if you ask me. Have a great day xoxo (C) Photography: Francois Kong | Styling: Karine Kong

Happy thoughts for the weekend

What are you up to this weekend? We are being entertained a lot this weekend!! We are off to a friend on Saturday evening and will stay at her place for the night (she lives on an island so I’m really looking forward to see it!) and we will see more friends on Sunday lunch so I think a long walk in the park will be needed on Sunday afternoon.However Saturday afternoon, I will go through our cupboards and put Mila’s dresses and other bits & pieces up for grab in FOU’s magic cupboard. I’ve just added Mila’s lovely green rug which was featured in London Family Style by Edition Paumes when they came to shoot our home.The rug didn’t get much as Mila tend to spread her toys on the floor and in the end it was easier to take it out and store it but it has a lovely, fresh colour. AA Butterfly chair from here This week I loved….Having our stonewashed linen duvet covers featured in Anthology magazine (how cool is that!? Love this …

In the shop this week: the STAR necklace

Yesterday I was asked to share with TIME OUT the things I would love to have for Mother’s Day and amongst the things I mentioned was this lovely Star necklace…I don’t wear a lot of jewellery but when I do, I like my jewellery to be simple and feminine and most of the time, I wear mine on simple, white v-neck cotton t-shirt or a black, grey cashmere jumper..nothing fancy but it works for me. I don’t really do bling-bling.The thing I love about this Star necklace is that it would also make a lovely little present for Mila (7 years old) and my niece Lily (9 years old) and it is kind of jewellery that Elodie and I wear anyway so I quite like the mother/daughter thing about this necklace…What about you? Do you share jewellery with your daughter? Did you get her something that you got for yourself in the past? Would love to hear your mother/daughter experiences…Bises

{New Sponsor} BRUME Decorative window film for your home

I’m very happy to introduce my new sponsor BRUME because I’ve been using their products long before they became a sponsor so that’s one company I can definitively vouch for!When we moved into our new home, everything was looking a lot different…As you can see from these photos published in London Family Style by Edition PAUMES, the walls were magnolia and there were shelves on each side of the mantelpiece. What you can not see is that there was also some heavy, old eggshell curtains by the bay window.In order to modernize the whole room and bring more light in, I got all the walls painted in bright white and I took all the shelves down to let the room breathe (I then replaced the shelves by my B&W family mood board).I also took the curtains down, replaced the old, drafty windows by new, double-glazing ones and added a BRUME window sticker on the new windows. This allowed us to get more light in the room while maintaining our privacy.BRUME has a lot of great, modern designs but the …

Cosy, rustic bedroom | Get the Look

Today, I’m on a styling job for a Interiors magazine from New-Zealand with Francois behind the camera. I’m pretty sure I’ll take a few photos myself on Instagram but in the meantime I just wanted to share with you these shots I styled a few weeks ago in my house in France with the New-York wall light