Month: April 2013

BODIE and FOU London home in HOME STYLE NZ magazine

Our London home in Home Style NZ

A few weeks ago, our London home was featured in Home Style NZ magazine.   As the mother of a “freewi” child (franco-Kiwi) and being married to a kiwi, New-Zealand has a special place in my heart. It’s a beautiful country with very welcoming people and if you’ve never been, I strongly encourage you to go there once. You will fall in love with this beautiful country and its people. Styling: Karine Köng, Photography: François Köng for Home Style NZ

Are you interested in my bathroom renovation project ?

Despite feeling upbeat at breakfast time when the sun was out, by the time I came back from the cinema with Mila this morning, it was clear that I had caught a bug. So instead of spending the afternoon doing a bit of DIY to freshen up our pallet coffee table, I’m now in bed trying to drink lots of water, eating fruits to bring my immune system back to normal…. and I’m working on our bathroom renovation project. I was planning to share my renovation project and tips with you on the blog because tackling the renovation of a bathroom is not the easiest project but at the same time, between putting the BODIE and FOU catalogue, running the business, freelance styling & other cool writing projects, it’s becoming a challenge to find the time and motivation to spend two hours writing an article when no-one seems to find the time to leave any comment.  So rather than waste any more time, I thought I would ask you directly whether you would like me to share the renovation …

I always knew the kind of woman I wanted to be….

I hope you’re having a wonderful Easter Bank Holidays weekend so far… Mine was certainly fantastic and relaxing…We played tourists in Notting Hill, went to a a show at the Sadler’s Wells, had a great lunch with friends at Stoke Place, an amazing venue outside London (see photos on Instagram) and today my best friend from Paris is arriving and I’m taking her to a Bikram Yoga class. On Saturday which was my birthday, I received a wonderful email from Kelly Rutherford ‘s office saying how much she loved BODIE and FOU. I’m always amazed and grateful when I get this kind of email. I mean this email had a WOW factor (I’m a huge fan of Gossip Girl and Kelly’s style) but I get touched the same way when I get a heartfelt email from a customer on the other side of the world. We are still a niche independent concept store without a massive marketing budget and it always surprises me when people feel a connection with the BODIE and FOU style and somehow hear about us even if they are miles away.It’s the …