Month: June 2013

30-day Birkram Yoga challenge | DAY 14

Via How are you today? Are you keeping the good work? Last weekend, Sarah asked me on Instagram, the recipe of the quinoa dish I made on Sunday. The original recipe was from Gwyneth Paltrow’s book “It’s All Good” and I just twisted it to cater for our kiwi friends. Quinoa is becoming one of my favourite dishes. It’s a superfood and each time, I had a quinoa salad in a cafe, it was delicious.  I also discovered that it’s super easy & quick to cook so you can prepare a batch for the week and add various ingredients to create different dishes. How to cook quinoa 1 cup quinoa + 1 3/4 cup water + coarse sea salt Rinse the quinoa thoroughly in a fine-mesh strainer then place it in a pot set over high heat with the water & a big pinch of salt. Bring the quinoa to a boil, lower the heat and cover until all the water has been absorbed. This should take about 12/15 min.  Turn the heat off and place …

30-day Birkram Yoga challenge | DAY 13

Photo via Pinterest C’est re-parti mon kiki! Yesterday after work, I went back to Bikram yoga and once I was there, I realised how much I had missed being there, working out, pushing and streching my body.I had an amazing class, my body felt good and despite a week off nursing a gastroenteritis, I felt great afterwards to the point that I cycled to work this morning and will cycle to yoga tonight and then back home.I did classical ballet for sixteen years when I was young(er). At some point, when I started doing modern dance too, I was doing 5 hours dance a week and I absolutely loved it! I never had the body of a ballerina but dance was my passion and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Sadly, I gave up when I went to Uni and never went back unlike my best friend Perrine Fifadji who is now an amazing Dancer, Singer and Choregrapher Bikram yoga feels like the closest activity to classical ballet and how you work with your body so if you’ve loved ballet, …

When BODIE and FOU customers are good at styling….

I’m still nursing a gastroenteritis so I wasn’t super active over the weekend and just spent a few hours going through pages of emails.While sorting this out, I came across these two beautiful images that Elisabeth from Anton’s Home had sent us a while back, after she had purchased the Feathers print and the Type map print for France from us.At home, I’ve always framed the Feathers print in a black or white ribba frame from Ikea but I love how the wooden frame softens the look and with the few wooden objects Elisabeth added, it looks very pretty.I love the big glass jar too! I may have to source a few for BODIE and FOU, don’t you think? :-)PS: If you have gorgeous images of our products like these, feel free to email them to us!// Photography: (C) Anton’s Home J’ai une gastro depuis Lundi dernier donc je n’étais pas méga active ce weeekend et j’ai juste passé quelques heures Samedi à faire le tri dans mes vieux emails et je suis tombée sur ces superbes photos qu’Elisabeth du …

Mila’s pink desk & chair for sale

  Mila has decided she is now too big for her pink desk & chair, plus we are going to do some major work to our house soon so I need to start clearing the house.  Price for the set is £95.  Collection preferred from London but if you can’t, we can probably ship it by Interlink in the UK & Europe (price subject to address of delivery). If interested, please email me at [email protected](dot)com The set used to be available on BODIE and FOU 5 or 6 years ago at £150. It has wear & tear marks and has been recently re-painted in pink.

30-day Birkram Yoga challenge | DAY 12

A bit challenging to go to Bikram yoga without the car (read here) but I’m gonna give it a go by bus. At the end of the day, Life will always throw challenges at our face, the question is are we going to use anything as an excuse to give up? That would be the easiest solution. I don’t want to give up.  This 30-day challenge is making me feel far too good to give up. Plus one weekend off-track clean eating (I managed 50%) and I can really feel the difference between when I eat clean and healthy and when I don’t.  On Sunday afternoon, the only place we could get food from, after our surf lesson in Bude, was from the petrol station. Needless to say that they didn’t have healthy, gluten-free options so I had a couple of brioches and ended up feeling bloated like I was 5 months pregnant so it’s back on fruits for breakfast, probiotic, 2 Lt of water and kale salads to cleanse everything quickly.

Our linen collection has arrived…

We have finally received the beautiful linen collection we ordered last January, yeah…!!Our best-selling blue grey stonewashed linen duvet cover that graced the front cover of our Summer catalogue is now back in stock and so is the light grey duvet cover which I really love because it is a very soothing hue and it looks beautiful with white or dark grey pillow cases.In the new SS/2013 collection, the mustard has been replaced by the curry duvet cover and we’ve added lots of new bright and uplifting colours in yellow, orange and blush. Photography François Köng*, Styling Karine Köng

30-day Birkram Yoga challenge | DAY 11

(C) Toast Last day of my Bikram-yoga challenge for me this week. Tonight, I’m whisking away the love of my life for Father’s Day and we are all off glamping in a pod by the coast in Devon so I will do a double class next week to catch up.If you haven’t sorted out a Father’s Day gift, go here for some cool ones (my favourites are these Urbanears headphones now at 15% OFF and this beautiful linen apron) Pronunciation: /ˈglampɪŋ/ Definition of glamping  noun [mass noun] British informal A form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping: glamping is likely to satisfy any city slicker seeking a little refuge in nature—without foregoing any of life’s luxuries.  Exactly! Have a fantastic, relaxing weekend. Be healthy and have fun. xoxo

30-day Birkram Yoga challenge | DAY 10

(C) Keri Smith Thanks! I feel really good actually…After completing two classes yesterday, this morning I woke up feeling like 6 x 8 years old had stomped on my back but one healthy breakfast and shower, I’m good to go for another class.I’m enjoying this challenge so much! I see positive changes on my body on a daily basis and it’s very inspring and motivating!I was chatting with someone last night who managed to eat well but was struggling with exercise but I think it’s great. I keep reading that weight-loss/healthy lifestyle is 80% about what we eat and 20% about exercise so the big change starts in our plates.Week by week, I’ve made little healthy changes…– Switched my Earl Grey cups for green tea (full of antioxydants) or mint tea (good for digestion)– Drink at least 2 Lt of water/day (I have a small bottle on my desk and usually manage 1 Lt in the morning and 1 Lt in the afternoon.). It’s a bit tricky to start with if you’re not used to it …