Month: July 2013

Two soft industrial kitchens I love

There are two kitchens I have loved for a very long time… The first one belongs to Dutch artist Paula Leen and you can see her whole house published in a book I highly recommend Rethink: The Way You Live, written by Amanda Talbot Paula and her husband have created a home in total harmony with nature. The hues of greys in the house are inspired by the clay soil surrounding their house and the space is filled with raw timbers, earthy tones, extures and wooden furniture similar to these. The second one belongs to renowned trend forecaster Li Edelkoort and spurred me to pu an option on the old work benc sitting in my dad’s workshop in France, so that one day, I could use it the way Li used it in her kitchen.Both of them feel very peaceful and calming, don’t you think? // 1. Photography: Hotze Eisma, 2. UnknownSharing is caring ❤️ Leave a comment and let’s have a chat…

Wise words

And I would add that life is good at 40 something… Everybody faces challenges in life, everybody…no matter where we come from and you can either let them define you, bring you down or you can turn them into your greatest strengths, learn from your mistakes and become stronger. Have a great weekend! bises LEAVE A COMMENT THANKS!

Café Culture in The Simple Things magazine | Contributor

As some of you know, François and I are now Contributors to The Simple Things magazine and here is our first 4-page feature called Café Culture.I’m SO SO proud!Not only I love this magazine but being commissioned to share with you all these cafés and places that I love and inspire me to be more creative when I work away from the office is really amazing.I hope you like it. The first one features Petersham Nurseries…a truly magical place.———————————————————————————————————————————————————————-Certains d’entre vous le savent déjà, mais François et moi avons une série mensuelle de 4 pages qui s’appelle Café Culture dans The Simple Things magazine et voici la première.Je suis HYPER fière!Non seulement, j’adore ce magazine mais en plus, être engagée pour partager avec vous, tous ces petits cafés que j’adore et qui m’inspirent quand je travaille loin du bureau, c’est simplement du pure bonheur! J’espère que cela vous plaira. Le premier article est sur Petersham Nurseries…un endroit vraiment magique. // Photography: François Köng | Styling: Karine Candice Köng | Want to talk about a project, email [email protected] A COMMENT THANKS!

The Boyfriend jeans look | Outfit perfection

One look I absolutely love wearing at weekends, is the combo: boyfriend jeans + white shirt. It’s casual but add a pair of stilettos, a pristine fitted white shirt and a Clare Vivier clutch and you’re ready for brunch in Notting Hill.Two of my fav fashion sites Coggles and My-Wardrobe have some great boyfriend jeans from Diesel and Maison Scotch. It’s a look that Mandy from Hush Homewear wears very well here and Olivia Palermo too here with flat shoes and a white blazer. Sadly, flat pumps don’t really work on my short and curvy figure but what works perfectly, is the pair of leopard printed stilettos I got in the Zara sale (here on IG). I think they’re all sold out now but Debenhams and La Redoute have a decent collection in the sale. 3 useful links for you…**Fashion: My favourite look by far…option white t-shirt for the beach + pretty necklaces**Food: Steve and I had lunch at Granger & Co last Saturday in Notting Hill. It’s one of the restaurants own by Australian Chef Bill Granger. The interior design is not groundbreaking but the food is good, healthy and tasty.**Fitness: Get yours …

New Year resolutions in July…ben quoi!?

This morning, I woke up again at 4am (if you want to know why, here is your answer) with lots of energy and the desire to ditch everything* and start again to reconnect with my inner creative self (no I never rest, I will sleep when I’m dead!)* Resolution no 1: Actually do something with these Photoshop tutorials I keep saving on Pinterest* Resolution no 2: Take real photos again rather than being lazy using my iPhone (how many of us fell into this trap?!).My iPhone is leaving today to travel with my kiwi friend to be fixed in Hong Kong at a reasonable price since I refused point blank to be fleeced by Apple again. This means that I’ll be off Instagram for a while and not glued to my phone which has became, let’s face it, an extension of my arm. I could find a replacement phone while mine is getting some TLC but I have decided to go without it for a few weeks as an experiment (which I may regret dearly….). Day 1 and I’m having palpitations…* Resolution no …

30-day Bikram Yoga challenge | DAY 25 (Elle Macpherson is 49!)

Holly Molly! Elle Macpherson is 49! Ok so last night we went out with our friend Greg from New-Zealand and I had a bit (make that a lot) to drink. As a consequence, I woke up at 4am (I never sleep well when I had too much to drink) feeling hungover but somehow, I ended up on this Tumblr. Read her progress here. It gave me the kick in the backside I needed to go to my Bikram yoga at 6.30am (she was bigger than me when she started her journey to a healthy lifestyle) and it turned out to be a fantastic class! La voila….I should drink more often! Now…have you tried the ‘sexy arms’ workout I posted on Sunday? NON!? DO IT! It looks simple but I challenge you to do all the reps and not feeling your arms burning! ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————- La vache! Elle Macpherson a 49 ans! Ok bon hier soir nous sommes sortis avec notre copain Greg de Nouvelle-Zélande et j’ai un peu bu (non en fait beaucoup). Et du coup je me suis réveillée à 4 heures …

Our London home in NZ HOUSE & GARDEN

Our London home is being featured in the July issue of NZ House & Garden! I love it when we are in an Australian or New-Zealander magazine.  We have so many friends and family over there, it makes the feature a bit more special. Mila made me laugh when she read the feature… Mila: “I love how my bedroom looks on the picture…” Me: “Yes me too! That how it looks when your bedroom is tidy!” Do you think she got the message??#livinginhope ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Les photos de notre maison londonnienne sont parus dans l’édition de Juillet de NZ House & Garden! J’adore quand nous avons un article dans un magazine Australien ou Néo-Zélandais. Nous avons tellement d’amis et de famille la-bas, que cela rend l’article un peu plus spécial. Mila m’a bien fait rigoler quand elle a lu l’article… Mila: “J’adore ma chambre comme cela dans le magazine…” Me: “Oui moi aussi! C’est comme cela qu’elle est quand elle est rangée!” Vous croyez que le message est passé?? #livinginhope “Les enfants sont formidables” //Photography: Michael Paul who had alreday shot our house in France a few …

30-day Bikram Yoga challenge | DAY 24 (+ a mini challenge to get sexy arms)

How are you?I hope you had a great Saturday! As my 30-day Bikram Yoga challenge is coming to an end and my beach holidays are around the corner (only 4 weeks away), I thought it was time to take on other mini challenges to tackle problem areas.So this week, I’m starting this Tracy Anderson Sexy Arm – Beginners challenge – which doesn’t require any equipment and is only 10 min if you do it twice.So who is in it with me??———————————————————————————————————————————————————————-Ca va?J’espere que vous avez passé un bon Samedi.Etant donné que mon challenge Yoga Bikram en 30 jours arrive à sa fin et que mes vacances à la plage sont pour bientot (4 semaines et boum! vamos a la playa), je me suis dit que j’allais rajouter quelques mini-challenges pour travailler certaines parties de mon corps “problématiques”.Cette semaine, j’attaque le challenge de Tracy Anderson pour des bras sexy – version debutants – qui ne nécessite pas de matériel et ne prend que 10 minutes si vous faites la série d’exercise deux fois. Qui veut le faire avec moi?