Month: August 2013

Our rug collection styled & photographed by Hannah Trickett & Ola O Smit

Yesterday François and I started shooting the Nelson Sepuvelda ceramic collection and think I’ll be able to show you the final images tomorrow.I’m so proud! I’ve done my first official Instagram video here.In the meantime, I wanted to show you these beautiful images of our rugs collection shot by Ola O Smit and styled by Hannah Trickett. Aren’t they gorgeous!?You can see the whole BODIE and FOU rug collection here// (C) Photography: Ola O Smit | Styling: Hannah Trickett————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–Hier François et moi avons commencé à photographier la collection de Nelson Sepuvelda et je pense pouvoir vous montrer les images demain.Et je suis super contente de ma première (officielle) vidéo sur Instagram à voir ici.En attendant, je voulais vous montrer ces belles images de notre collection de tapis photographiées par Ola O Smit et mise-en-scène par Hannah Trickett. Elles sont belles, n’est ce pas?!Vous pouvez voir toute la collection de tapis ici rug collection here.LEAVE A COMMENT THANKS!

Copycats, Copyright Infringement and Social Media Etiquette

Earlier this week, my friend Désirée informed me that someone running an online store in Austria, was using all the images I had styled for our Spring/Summer catalogue (you can see my styling portfolio here). I immediately contacted this person to inform her that she was in breach of copyright infringement for using all our images illegally on her site.