Month: September 2013

Winter look 1: Leather jacket obssession

Since the end of Summer, I have been obsessed with leather jackets and given Q4 is our busiest period at BODIE and FOU, I usually have very little time to think about fashion, let alone having me-time. I usually prepare a few Winter looks so I don’t have to think about what to wear in the morning as I usually grab the first thing I find in my wardrobe (or the 4th/5th thing that fits me). {WINTER LOOK 1} Black trousers, white t-shirt, high heels/Isabel Marants boots, red lipstick and leather jacket…and depending if I’m shooting, working from the office or have meeting, a Clare Vivier clutch bag, my La Tropezienne bag or my gold leather shopper bag It’s basic, simple, rock and it saves me from looking like n’importe quoi.  I don’t wear a lot of make-up, I have yet to learn how to blow-dry my hair like a grown-up so the outfit must do the trick. Here are few leather jackets that I really love… Maison Scotch & Soda  Anine Bing ZaraMy sister …


In our house in France, I’ve created a feature wall in our lounge with various black & white prints and photos. The result is pretty cool, modern and striking. Since then I have been searching for a mini series of prints to achieve a similar look in a kids bedroom and I’ve finally found this gorgeous series of black & white prints. If I have to pick one, my favourite one is the Bouncing rabbit print but if you’re looking to create an impact, then a row of three or four of these prints will look beautiful and I think the design is so charming that they can easily be displayed around the home, in the hallway, kitchen or landing. What do you think? LEAVE A COMMENT THANKS!

The new Pigmée collection now in grey

Quick hello to let you know that the beautiful Pigmée dolls are now available in a beautiful grey. I love those dolls. I love how they are made, I love their shape, texture, feel and the two white, Mila had in her bedroom, look amazing so I’m over the moon to have these in grey now. Have a great Sunday bisesLEAVE A COMMENT THANKS!

Elodie, co-Founder of BODIE and FOU,


Let me introduce you to Elodie, the Bodie of BODIE and FOU. I can’t tell you how much I love this woman. She is smart, beautiful, funny, a great mother and a great sister. She is incredibly supportive of everything I do and have complete faith in all my projects and I really wish you all to have someone like this in your life, being a sister, mother or friend.

Hydrangeas, baskets and the work of Emily Quiton, Photographer

When I was on holidays in France last week, I saw a really beautiful photo of our natural basket filled with Hydrangeas, in my Instagram feed.  I love Hydrangeas. My mum has some bright pink ones in her garden in France which look vibrant and beautiful and I think it is a very poetic and feminine flower, don’t you think? Those gorgeous images were taken by Emily Quinton, an Award-Winning Photographer and you can see more of these beauties on her blog: Start-up Wife. Emily also runs Floral Friday –  a weekly celebration of floral creativity on Instagram. Check it out, there are some really beautiful photos and some very talented people out there. Today is DAY-2 in Paris and Francois and I are shooting a beautiful, vegetarian cafe for The Simple Things magazine but if you can, try to get issue 14 (out now) which features Artisan and issue 15 (out soon), which will have the cafe we shot in Brooklyn. Have a great Sunday (the natural baskets are back in stock very soon!) LEAVE A COMMENT THANKS!


Umm…which kind of summarises my state of mind this morning…and if you could see me in front of my laptop, you would see me shrugging and puffing like a proper French girl. I mentioned this before my holidays but the format of this blog doesn’t correspond me anymore and it’s a bit frustrating (read a lot) because there is a lot of things I want to share here on the blog but being a perfectionist, I find it frustrating to share them into a context that no longer feel like me.So I end up doing nothing which frustrates me even more (happy day!)….I want to go back to photography, I want to show you beautiful things that inspire me, I want to have the time to do things well rather than rushing/multi-tasking, I want to tap into my creativity instead of worrying about people like her ….I want, I want, I want ;-)So I’m going to try using the time in Paris this week to lay out at least the format I want from this blog …

Our pink door and those famous tiles…..

A couple of month ago, the John Lewis‘ team came to style and shoot our front door to be featured as one of the category opening shots of their Autumn/Winter 2013 catalogue.As some of you asked me a lot of questions on Instagram about these gorgeous black and white tiles they had put in front of my front door, I asked the production team. The floor tiles they used are from Topps Tiles. I hope this helps! // Photography: Jake Curtis

BODIE and FOU London home in VT Wonen

Our London home in VT Wonen

While I was in France last week, Agata from Rafa-Kids posted a picture of our home in VT Wonen on Instagram.  I got really excited because I love VT Wonen. I don’t read Dutch but I’m a huge fan of the styling of the magazine and I often pin their images on Pinterest and I also knew, they were images I had never seen before so I was really eager to see the whole feature. Our home was styled and photographed by Danish Stylist Lykke Foged and Photographer Morten Hotlum last September. I hadn’t heard from them since then but considering our home has been photographed several times, I think they did a great job and managed to create something new and fresh.