Month: October 2013

Happy Halloween!

We have a bit of a black theme running through our collection at the moment, perfect for Halloween yet sophisticated and chic for the rest of the year. We just love the beautiful and dramatic dark shot of the Kathleen Hills Cluster Light for our new catalogue.  Hope you have a good Halloween! We are looking forward to getting creative with pumpkin carving, eating warm spiced pumpkin soup, dressing up, and taking the kids ‘Trick or Treating’.  Clockwise spiral from top left: Paper STAR, Z1 Lamp, Nelson Sepuvelda Ceramics, Leather Shopper Bag, Knot Chair, ‘Feel Good’ Throw, Black Geometric Vase, Urbanears Plattan Headphones, and Cluster Light.  LEAVE A COMMENT

3 beautiful bathrooms using concrete

Since my last post last April, I have to admit that our bathroom is still very much looking like a war zone but we are making progress with our plans. As the bathroom is just one part of our renovation projects, I’m sure you know that it’s best to tackle everything at once to keep the budget under control rather than one room at the time. On other hand, it gives me enough time to clear our home and put more things on Ebay while deciding on the look I want to achieve.

COMING SOON! The BODIE and FOU Christmas catalogue

I’m so excited to finally share the front and back  covers of our beautiful Christmas catalogue!It has been quite an adventure to get this front shot done and get all the stock arriving in time for our shoot.  At some point, I had to come up with a plan B…then a plan C…then everything turned up at the same time and we went back to plan A (I credit Bikram yoga & wine for keeping me fairly sane during these past few weeks) but I’m happy.  I’m in love with this Z1 pendant light by Nelson Sepuvelda, who is also the Creative Director behind this beautiful collection of ceramics (displayed on the table) and I loved it so much that I wanted to make it the key piece of our Christmas Home collection.It’s a lamp that exudes style, lightness and was just perfect for the effortless chic, stylish Christmas I had in mind. The two white chairs are the Knot chair (another beautiful piece which we recently supplied to The Hospital Club), the black & …

Depanneur in The Simple Things magazine | Contributor

I had such a great time in Brooklyn, I would go back anytime. Dépanneur, the café François and I photographed in Brooklyn for our series Café Culture with The Simple Things magazine, is one of my favourites… The weather was amazing, Brooklyn flea market is from a walking distance and I really loved the industrial vibe of the place. Plus, the team was very helpful and the sales assistant was very beautiful and adorable.// Photography: François Köng | Styling: Karine Candice Köng |  Want to talk about a project, email

Café Pinson in The Simple Things magazine | Contributor

 Did you get the latest copy of The Simple Things magazine?It’s looking fabulous as usual!I’ve bought a Kindle for my mum over the weekend as a pre-Christmas gift so she could read French books while staying with us and I need to work out if I could also get her a Simple Things mag subscription to download on her Kindle. Do you know if it’s possible?Café Pinson, the fab vegetarian café François and I photographed last time we were in Paris is in it and if you are off to the French capital, I recommend you go there for breakfast. The team is very lovely and you will only eat healthy, gluten-free things good for your body and your soul. I got so wrapped up in the making of our Christmas catalogue (you can request a copy HERE) that I never got a chance to share with you the café we shot in Brooklyn so I will post it this week.Have a great week! xoxo———————————————————————————————————————————————————————-Est ce que vous avez acheté le dernier numéro de The Simple Things magazine ? Il est superbe …

Latest styling job & some happy links for the weekend….

 I almost ran over a charming guy this morning near Askew Road and I say ‘charming’ because he was quite good-looking, he was wearing something very similar to a Bellfield French worker jacket (very cool) and most importantly he gave me a big smile instead of yelling at me. I spent the rest of my short drive to work thinking “Wow…what a difference a smile can make in people’s lives”.As an individual, I’ve trained myself to be/think positive and be grateful for all the little things that happen to me. I don’t always score 100% and I get very grumpy on some occasions but over the years, I’ve improved and I can pick myself up from a bad situation to look on the bright side.Thinking about this charming man was who probably, very grateful I DID NOT run him over for good, I thought I shall endeavour to smile even when a situation/person does not deserve a smile.When sharing my morning adventure with the team, Doryan (do you remember him!?) told me he was doing the same (not very surprising …

Black beauty & positive thinking

I started the day on Instagram posting this positive thinking quote and it worked wonder. My day has been filled with good news and truly amazing shots for our Christmas catalogue.I can’t get over how beautiful this photo François took today is and don’t get me started on this black cluster light.I have the 8-string white cluster light in my bedroom and in our home in France but the black one is quite amazing…especially against a dark wall.If you’re not a fan of his page yet, by all means follow him on Facebook here, you will make his day. Have a great evening xoxoLEAVE A COMMENT THANKS!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas….

in the BODIE and FOU headquarters!  We’ve just received a few of these beautiful paper stars to finish styling the BODIE and FOU Christmas catalogue (the 9 points, Black star, Width 87 cm is in stock).  Our White Christmas collection is now online and I’m super happy with the photos we’ve done for our Winter collection. I’m sure you gonna love them! Well I hope so… If you are not on our mailing list yet, make sure you request a copy of our beautiful, inspiring catalogue Today is our last shooting day so I better dash… Have a great day! LEAVE A COMMENT THANKS!