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2014 – The Year of the Yang Wood Horse

Last night, I had the weirdest dream…

We were at a sea side town walking down towards the beach. It was warm, the sun had just set but we could still see a bunch of white wild horses playing in the sea.
On our way, we walked past the house of a famous person (no idea who!) who was swimming. Her pool was at street level so some kids jumped in the water to mess around and take her picture of her. She was furious. We carried on walking watching the scene and I wondered she was hadn’t put some walls  around her pool if she didn’t want this kind of things to happen.
As we looked at the horses again, suddenly the sky opened to let a beautiful ray of white, sparkly, festive light coming down on the horses who started rising and moving like they were dancing.
The whole scene was amazing and it felt so unique that I really tried hard to remember everything. Then I woke up and realised today was the start of the Year of the Horse.
And it’s going to be good for us people!

2014 is the year of all beginnings. 
Whatever happened to us in the past few years is over, done, dusted. We move on. 
I certainly feel that after being hit by depression at the end of 2013, I started 2014 feeling a lot more re-energised with a sense of a new, lighter self. Seeing Steve sticking by my sides when I was down, made us closer and stronger and I feel now almost grateful. 
I do believe that what doesn’t kill you, make you stronger and also that things happen for a reason or “it was a blessing in disguise”.
I’m full of little positive mantras…but without sounding like Mother earth, I do believe in the positive energy of the universe. 
I also believe that negative things that happen to us are meant to make us grow. Sometimes they are really painful and they suck but once we come out on the other side, we are a different person, a better, stronger person.
One of my best friend got ‘hit by a truck’ emotionally with her husband’s affair last year and started the year, feeling like she would not live 2014 how she had lived 2013. She left him….It is really hard but I think it’s also tremendously positive. 
My aunt and cousin have both cancers and I haven’t spoken to them yet this year but I do hope that 2014 bring them a huge amount of positive energy and healing.

Karen Abler Carrasco from The Western School of Feng Shui says: 

“The good and great news is that we have completed 5 years of the degenerative part of the cycles–that of the harvested, decomposing Earth, compressing and eliminative Metal, and dissolving, settling out, cleansing Water.  We now emerge into the generative cycles–powerful, bursting buds of Wood’s new growth fuelling the joyful outreach and passions of Fire and the beginnings of Earth’s fruitful harvests.”

The Horse energy inspires powerful INTUITION and an indomitable surge towards freedom in every aspect of life.”

Step up and out of any old clutter, stored memories, should-have-dones or regrets.  The time to deal with that is over for now.”

Reading this makes me feel so excited! I can’t wait to see how this year is going to unfold but I feel it’s going to be an amazing one, a lighter one (even my new haircut feels lighter), happier, easier…
What do you think? Did you start the year feeling heavy things shifting?

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  1. Year of the horse sounds wonderful, making you feel like you will achieve your goals & that life will be better. Thanks for sharing, not just the picture of the beautiful horse but also feelings, its good to share as often seeing snippets of a blog people think “oh, they have a fabulous life & no worries” Happy Weekend, xx

  2. Thank you. Yeah I don’t really believe in making my life sounds amazing and beautiful. I have a great job but I work hard at it. I have a great relationships but same, we both work really hard at it and sometimes we argue like anyone else.
    At the same time, I don’t read myself blogs to heard about depressing stuff. I want to be inspired and uplifted so when something goes wrong in my life, I tend to withdraw for a while and come back when I’m genuinely happy and cheerful.
    I dont want to be surrounded by negative people who suck my energy so I don’t feel it’s good for anyone to share everything to the point I’m going to depress everyone if you see what I mean :-)

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