Month: January 2014

2014 – The Year of the Yang Wood Horse

Last night, I had the weirdest dream… We were at a sea side town walking down towards the beach. It was warm, the sun had just set but we could still see a bunch of white wild horses playing in the sea.On our way, we walked past the house of a famous person (no idea who!) who was swimming. Her pool was at street level so some kids jumped in the water to mess around and take her picture of her. She was furious. We carried on walking watching the scene and I wondered she was hadn’t put some walls  around her pool if she didn’t want this kind of things to happen.As we looked at the horses again, suddenly the sky opened to let a beautiful ray of white, sparkly, festive light coming down on the horses who started rising and moving like they were dancing.The whole scene was amazing and it felt so unique that I really tried hard to remember everything. Then I woke up and realised today was the start of the …

{Paris} Kids portrait exhibition by Michelle Marshall | Playtime Paris

Each year, Playtime Paris asked 4 artists to interpret a theme to be displayed during the show. This year, the theme was inspired by the arctic regions, explorers’ expeditions and the inuit tribes. Michelle Marshall, who you may be remember from her last venture, exhibited a stunning series of kids portraits swaddled in fur. Mila wears a head piece from Nixie Clothing which I’ve mentioned here.I have long admired the work of Michelle who has done campaigns for Sun Salt/Saltwalter, La Princesse au Petit Pois, and Chalk magazine. Trained as a Photographer at the University of Derby, French-born, north London based Michelle Marshall has always produced amazing photos of children and has a knack for capturing the magical realms of childhood and creating visual stories. You can view the full exhibition here. // Clothes and accessories were provided by Blackeyewear, Bobo Choses, Lucky Boy Sunday, Nixie Clothing, Óvitar by Gu∂run & Gu∂run, Pale Could, Play is Work, Shampoodle and Waddler Clothing. (C) Photography: Michelle Marshall | All Rights Reserved LEAVE A COMMENT THANKS!

You are fringe or pas fringe?

Yesterday I was showing an old photo of me to Mila on which I had a fringe… Mila: “You were a lot nicer with a fringe…” Me: “ah bon? I don’t look like nice now?” Mila: “si… but you were nicer with a fringe, it suits you better” My father used to tell me all the time when I was a teen that short hair suited me better so I see that having an opinion on my hairdo or the lack of it runs in the family.To be honest, I had the fringe for a few years so I quite fancy a change. I took a photo to my hairdresser before flying to New-Zealand and felt like bombing the place when I came out but hey, I was off to the beach so I thought I could live with it.

Today I love…

This styling by Emma Nunn for Weddings magazine…Beside the fact that Emma used our products for this shot, I can’t tell you how much I love the styling of this shot. I love the rawness of the brick wall contrasting with the organic shapes of the Dadasi collection, the soft white linen tablecloth from Zara Home and the Bamboo lamp…stylish yet natural and welcoming. // Photography: Max Attenborough, Styling: Emma Nunn

My Styling work for Laura Ashley, Waihi beach, New-Zealand 1 (C) Karine Köng

Mila for Laura Ashley

Just before Christmas, Laura Ashley contacted me to take part into their new campaign challenge “15 uses for a throw“. As we were about to leave for New-Zealand to spend time with family and I had very little time left, I packed the beautiful throw I received and took it to the Coromandel Peninsula (a beautiful part of New-Zealand on the north island).

Fresh start: 2014

I’m back from New-Zealand and instead of suffering from holidays blues, I feel super excited by the year ahead, by our plans as a family and by all the things I’m going to do this year.I usually write a list of goals when I’m holidays but this year, I didn’t. I just wanted to enjoy our time as a family without thinking ahead but I did write a few small changes I wanted to make to improve my life.Here are a few things from my list:Choose a picture that inspires you. Even out of focus, this photo of Steve and Mila laughing reminds me what a great time we had as a family and how important our time together is. Pick a word that defines you in 2014. I chose 3: family, healthy food and fitness. Elodie picked trust and foundations. What’s yours??Write a list of goals (be specific) for the big picture (end of 2014).  I want to be fit, healthy and lose X kilos. These goals have been on my wish-list for a few years and each year, I …


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