Month: February 2014

A beautiful warehouse in Amsterdam

It’s always a very nice feeling when two people who never met, appreciate each other’s work and aesthetics and they finally meet.That’s what happened between Emily Gray and I when we met last year at Playtime in Paris and it was wonderful.I’m a big fan of the style and aesthetics of Gray Label, the minimalist Kids fashion label she created and I’m totally in love with the gorgeous family home she shared with her husband Marius Haverkamp, an interior designer running Flow and their two children.Keeping the beautiful red brick wall* – one of the original features of the building – they’ve added warmth and textures using wood, fabrics and nature. The polished concrete floor contrasts beautifully with the roughness of the wall and the glass and metal structure built around a patio, makes their family home, private and welcoming….the perfect happy space for family time at weekends.I’m still trying to find a material similar to polished concrete floor for our kitchen and I will let you know when I get anywhere…✔️ In the UK, …

LE TRENCH: Francoise Hardy photographed by Victor Blackman/Getty Images. Read on

The classic trench | Outfit perfection

Although England is the motherland of trench coats especially since Christopher Bailey revived Burberry‘s company legacy and made classic trenches cooler than ever, I’ve always felt that a classic trench was quintessentially French.

April & May styling for Zara Kids

April & May styling for ZARA

Gorgeous it was first time around, gorgeous it still is…and I’m talking about the styling my friend Jantine and Vivian from April & May did for the ZARA Baby Collection 2014. The only thing I regret is that sometimes makes that often…the ZARA collections feel a lot like a blank copy of Kids fashion labels which may not have the financial support and overheads that Zara has (and I do love ZARA)….

Vipp’s Award- Winning Kitchen 2014 – Elle Decoration International Design Award

Since I started working on the renovation plans of our London home, I’ve always figured out that our kitchen would be white like the rest of our home until I was invited by VIPP last Christmas to participate to a styling blogger competition in their flagship store in Copenhagen and saw their black kitchen designed in-house by Morten Bo Jensen, Head of Design at Vipp. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything so beautiful and striking… Seeing it on display in their beautiful flagship store (which has polished concrete floors – another thing I would love in our new kitchen), has completely opened up my mind and I see now a black kitchen in our family home is now well within the realms of possibility. Since then, my Kitchen board on Pinterest, has been filling up with gorgeous and inspiring black kitchens. This week, the VIPP kitchen has won the Elle Decoration International Design Award for best kitchen 2014 which is amazing and well-deserved so massive congratulations to the whole team, to this amazing brand which …

Happy memories…

I didn’t think I would be posting before Tuesday’s post but here we go with a sore throat that keeps me awake and not much to do without waking up the rest of the family. Thanks God, I had packed some wonderful things from Neals Yard Remedies Still…what a wonderful day we had on the slopes…. Amazing snow and scenery (it felt like we were in The White Company‘s winter catalogue), very few people, to the point that sometimes it felt like we had the slopes to ourselves and two little girls having a laugh, encouraging each other and having a ball. They have two different personalities, two different styles on the skis. Mila will go as fast as she can, fall a thousands time, get up straight away and carry on. Lily will go at her own pace very diligently, fall twice, cries for a while but they will both arrive at the same time. The thing I love the most about those any holidays we spend en famille is seeing how these two love each …

Off skiing with the family

In a few hours, we will be on our way to Paris to pick up Elodie and Lily and then off to the slopes in Andorra. I can’t tell you how excited I am.We started going to Andorra when Elodie was living in Barcelona and loved it so much that we keep returning. Arinsal is a fantastic station for family with young kids (the girls were 5 & 6 when we took them the first time), the snow has mostly been great and the weather pretty good too. You can find more info about ski rental here.The previous years, we flew to Toulouse, rented a car and stayed in a nice hotel so meals were sorted for us at breakfast and diner time. This year, we have decided to drive down and rent a flat so I’ve packed enough gluten-free pasta, bread and flour to last me for a week. The kiwi has packed Gin & tonic… Banana cake recipe, courtoisy of my sister-in-law Lynda from New-Zealand |  Since we will be staying in a lovely flat, I’ve packed …

Our London family home in Living at home magazine ❤️

Wow… it has been such a cool week with lots of good things happening and great meetings! I think the highlight for me, was seeing our home in Living At Home magazine and my meeting with Gervasoni, the design company that edits the beautiful Ghost sofa designed by Paola Navone, I have at home. The stool behind Mila is the pure nature stool(which we supplied to Philippe Starck’s Mama Shelter in Istanbul, Paris and Bordeaux). The table is an old one from Habitat but Made has some great one and of course BODIE and FOU too. My ceramic dishes, on the vintage wooden rack, are a mix from the Vera Wang’s Naturals collection, Ikea, vintage and the Dadasi collection designed by one of my favourite designers: Nelson Sepuvelda. //Styling: Lykke Foged, Photography: Morten Holtum



We are off skiing on Friday evening and I have been raving about it for days… Mila: “Does it annoy you when people start talking to you too early about holidays and things….?“ Steve: “No”Mila: “Well it does to me because I start to get excited too soon and looking forward to it too much“ Steve: “OK I don’t do that and will be careful not to”Mila: “OK thanks.  Can you tell Maman to stop too”