Month: April 2014

Limited Edition BODIE and FOU x Vipp bin

Limited Edition BODIE and FOU x Vipp bin

Finally, some great news that I can share with you… To celebrate the launch of BODIE and FOU’s Debut B&W print collection out in May, we’ve partnered with Danish design company Vipp and designed a BODIE and FOU x Vipp15 bin which will be produced in a limited edition. As both of our businesses are family-run, this limited edition bin will feature our LOVE, LIFE & FAMILY print design, which is all matters at the end of the day, don’t you agree? The Limited Edition BODIE and FOU Vipp15 bin will be exclusively available online at BODIE and FOU and during our one-week long pop-up store at the beautiful Vipp’s flagship store in Copenhagen. Our print collection will also be online in May and also available during our pop-up store in Copenhagen. I’ll be there for about a week and I hope to meet some of you there…xoxo

3 ways to update a kitchen cupboard at very little cost

3 ways to create an inspiring cupboard for your kitchen

It has been raining for the past two days so while we are staying in our home in France, I have been keeping myself busy doing creative things like getting the girls to paint this log in white, taking new photos of the house and creating a blue moodboard on my kitchen cupboard to freshen up the look below. If you love a bit of DIY, here are three easy ways to create an inspiring and striking cupboard for your kitchen for very little cost… 1/ For a summery feel I sourced this cupboard from a second-hand shop and paid around 20 euros. I gave it a new lease of life by painting the outside white and the inside blue grey. To add a summery feel, I used inspiring blue & white images from my favourite decoration magazines and create a happy, summer holidays mood board. Each time we open the cupboard now, we are welcome by this uplifting burst of colours in different shades of blue. 2/ For an industrial feel  Vintage metal cabinets can be found on E-bay if you …

WHITES 05 | 2014

We are at the beach…I don’t want to rub it in for those of you who are stuck in the city, but gosh it feels good to have a break and I really needed one. I’ve only packed Summer stuff… white t-shirts, an old pair of converse, denim shorts, Mila’s new denim jumpsuit and mine (to try to make a Mother/Daughter portrait in Denim) and my new Nutribullet (yes I know…I travel light…not but I wanted to carry on doing this 30 days smoothie challenge).I really hope the weather is going to live to MY expectations for the next couple of weeks… 1. Clare Vivier Tropezienne bag | 2. Unknown | 3. Birkenstock via Vogue By the way…Saranza is having a flashsale on Birkenstock. Have a fab weekend! Bises Sharing is caring ❤️ Leave a comment and let’s have a chat…

A bathroom with a polished concrete floor

A bathroom with a polished concrete floor

I’ve dreamt about this bathroom since this post on three bathrooms using concrete and I’m very grateful to Elisabeth for answering all my questions. I always feel that it is great to see inspiring bathrooms on Pinterest but sometimes, it is even better to really know how the Homeowners did their renovation projects, what material they used and what challenges they encountered. Given that I love this bathroom, I had a lot of questions to ask… BODIE and FOU: Was your bathroom a renovation project or built from scratch as part of a new building? Elisabeth Heier: It was a renovation project. We bought the house a year ago and when planning the bathroom, I realised it was far too small for a family with young children so we increased the space by taking a little bit from the rooms next to the bathroom. I changed the layout completely and designed a modern bathroom that now suits us perfectly. To bring in more light we installed the skylights over the bathtub. What is the surface …


We are off to France tomorrow afternoon.A part of me is super excited because my sister and best-friend are both coming down to spend a few days with us at the beach (+ Côté Ouest magazine is coming to shoot the house). The other part is disappointed that I will not be able to attend Will’s book launch of Bright Bazaar.I know it’s going to be packed and I really wish I could be there so this is for Will and to show him I’m thinking of him. A METEORITE IN MOTION… I started reading Bright Bazaar around 2011 and while Will’s posts, his home and tastes are waaay more colourful than mine, I’ve always loved the sense of positivity and happiness they have but more than anything I love the guy behind Bright Bazaar.Back then, Will was only 24 years old and I say only because you could see from his posts, that there were already a huge amount of talent brewing there already. I felt he was like a meteorite in motion in the blogosphere and …

Distressed jeans

Fashion must-have: the distressed jeans

Totally loving the whole distressed jeans look here (minus the cigarette). I gave up in 2012 after saying goodbye to her one more time and never looked back. Between changing my eating habits and other good things I did for my well-being, drinking my 1.5 Lt of water a day and not smoking, my skin is looking a LOT better. In a way, I’m glad I gave up in my forties when there was still time to recover from it. How about you!? Have you ever smoked? Have you given up or trying to!? Back to the distressed jeans… Hush has always a great pair of boyfriend jeans in their collection.   I know, I know…if you’re about my age, you probably feel like distressed jeans & white tee is’ a look you sported when you were a teen in the 80s, right!?   Isn’t fashion an ongoing cycles of revivals   e ripped jeans outfits: The look first hit us in the 1980s, but the fashion faded like a bleach bath. Now it’s back with a …

{WISE WORDS} Work and passion

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A beautiful white home in London

After showing you Paul Massey‘s soothing, modern country house in Primrose Hill, I contacted him to get hold of photos of the other house he had renovated. The second one located in Crouch End has always been one of my inspirations, mostly because the layout of our London home is very similar (and I suspect similar to yours if you live in the UK) and I absolutely love what he has done with the two front rooms, which are very often small and dark when a house has not been renovated or modernised. We looked into doing this a few years ago and I think the costs to knock down the walls, add a beam across the room and a pillar to support the walls was something around £20K. Quite expensive but then you can really see the end result in his house and how this has completely opened up the space.