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My hair is naturally wavy which is a blessing on holidays not so much the rest of the year when I’m after a sleeker look. Mila on the other hand, who incidentally told me that…

BODIE and FOU Style Blog: 5 effortless hairdos for the beach

she wanted to have “Live to sing” tattooed in her arm and change her hair to have it option1) dyed in blue or option 2) have it long on one side and shaved on the other side (she is 9…)…has perfect beach hair.
As perfect and beautiful her hair is, between salt, sun, wind, it gets tangled easily so here are 5 of my favourite and effortless hairdos for the beach to keep yours and your daughter’s hair under control

If you misssed it, check out my post about 5 messy buns here.

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