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The perfect mirror..

Our loft conversion with en-suite bathroom is almost finished (give ot take a door & radiators to install). You can see some photos I posted here and here before going on holidays or search for hashtag bodieandfourenovations on Instagram to see the whole project.

BODIE and FOU Style Blog: Bathrooms and the perfect mirror

The whole house is a building site and Steve and I are literally camping in this new room (LOVE the view!) but I think, we are managing the disruptions pretty well.
We have the basics covered!
We can shower (LOVE the new shower & our tiles) and we’ve added a mini fridge in one corner so I can carry on doing smoothies for my healthy challenge.

One thing that has bugged me since the beginning of this project was finding a cool, nice mirror.
I wanted something a bit more special than a straight rectangular one and I’ve finally found the one I want which will also be part of our AW/2014 collection.
What do you think? I think it has a very cool, Scandi design and the shelf below will be just perfect to display my favourite cosmetics.

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  1. That mirror is perfect, its chic and stylish, yet a little different from the norm and fits the space perfectly. I love mirrors, they really complete the look of a space so perfectly adding light and creating a great focal point.

  2. Gorgeous mirror! So hard to find one that’s simple but high quality. I find a lot seem to be OTT design wise, but this has just the right amount of detail with the shelf (which is practical too). Going to bookmark this for when I finally get round to re-doing my bathroom.

    Kath x

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