Month: November 2014

beautiful stools & bar stools from & Tradition.More inspiration at

& Tradition stools & bar stools

I have yet to find similar bar stools to these gold ones featured here but I wanted to show you these beautiful NA3 stool and NA4 bar stool from & Tradition. I initially considered  them for our new kitchen but it was tricky to match the wood of the stools with… 

White, airy kitchen designed by Arrhov Frick.

A relaxing, white, airy kitchen

The minimalist design, the white walls, the massive sky window to fill the room with natural light, the soothing combo of white and natural wood makes this kitchen one of my absolute favourites. From a design point of view, kitchens are my favourite room in a home and I’m absolutely loving everything about this white, airy kitchen. What do you think? This kitchen is from a block of 22 apartments built in a former meat factory by Swedish Architecture practice Arrhov Frick. Sadly I couldn’t find more pictures of the kitchen or the whole flat to share with you so we will have to make do with this sole photo and imagine how the rest of the flat could look like. The design of this kitchen is very simple but yet so efficient and works wonder in a small flat as we all as a warehouse type conversion. Subtle black touches are added throughout the room like this classic Vitra Eames house bird (available from John Lewis) sitting on top of the kitchen units. The square table and the chairs …

10 things I love from Elias & Grace Black Friday Sale. More at

My selection at Elias and Grace

Last night I was on the starting block for the Elias and Grace Black Friday Sale. My shopping basket was ready and came midnight,I just refreshed the page and all the reductions were applied and considering they were things the minx really needed (except for the sweatshirt which was a treat), I was very happy with the savings I made. I ordered this lovely Sunik sweatshirt with sequins by Bellerose (now down by 30%) which had been on my radar for a while, a pair of Sheepskin boots (also down by 30%) and a pair of Tama jeans from Fingers in The Nose down by 60%. 1. Sunik sweatshirt from Bellerose (30% off)| 2. Autumn dress from Soft Gallery (30% off) | 3. Chanou skirt from Bellerose (70% off) | 4. Almo bag from Bobo Choses (30% off) | 5. Raglan t-shirt from Noé & Zoé (30% off) | 6. Haring blouse from Hartford (70% off) | 7. Ecrin dress from Bonton (30% off) | 8. Edra skirt from April & Showers (60% off) | 9. Ethan cloggs from April & Showers (60% off) | 10. Caspi trousers from Bobo Choses (30% off)

5 things I want right now!

5 things I want right now!

I had my heart set on this black watch by Michael Kors which I mentioned in this 5 things I want right now! post but then I saw this gorgeous new watch by Isabel Marant and …arghh….now I need to think about it. On the subject of Marant, I also would like to take this opportunity to thank Isabel for designing this lovely jumper after me…THANK YOU! hahaha

Creative collaborations | VIPP

Brand: VIPP Project: Limited Edition Vipp bin + pop-up shop + Blogger styling competition Date: May 2014 Country: Denmark, UK In May 2014, we collaborated with iconic Danish brand Vipp to  design a Limited edition BODIE and FOU VIPP15 bin and run a one-week pop-up store in Vipp’s showroom in Copenhagen. The bin and the BODIE and FOU new prints collection were exclusively available for sale at the Vipp showroom and online at BODIE and FOU. On the first day of the pop-up store, our Limited Edition bin was purchased by H.R.H.  Princess Marie of Denmark. In addition, we run a styling competition with some of the best International Interior bloggers. This creative collaboration and pop-up store were featured in Milk magazine, ELLE, Est, Marie-Claire Maison as well as French By Design, April & May, Vosges Paris and many more…

5 inspiring ways to display your art collection in your home

Wall decoration: 5 ways to display art on your walls

Are you wondering how to display all the beautiful illustrations you’ve bought? Here are 5 inspiring ways to decorate yours walls & add a wow factor to your home in the process… Having mostly white walls and grey walls in our home, I’m forever looking for inspiration to decorate our walls and this monochrome wall display in Trendenser‘s office remains my all-time favourite! The first image above stopped me in my tracks because I have a nice collection of monochrome prints and now that we have black floorboards in our loft conversion, I can see how visually striking such a display would look in the room.

House Tour: The Ochre Barn in Norfolk

The Ochre Barn in Norfolk

Do you prefer living in the city or out in the countryside or by the sea? I grew up in the countryside (tiny tiny village) and since I left home, I’ve always been a city girl at heart. However, having recently spent more time working in France from our beach house and having gone for a few morning walks by the beach, I started thinking what if… They are still things that drive me crazy like taking the car to run any errands whereas in London, I just walk or cycle + shops are open all the time but I guess there are upsides and downsides on each account.

outfit of the day: fake fur & converse

Fake fur, converse & sparkle

Ok so yesterday it rained from 7am to 2pm non-stop and I pretty much hang out in my PJs during the same timeframe and gosh did it feel good to do this! So back to getting dressed…Today’s look pretty much sums up the mood…wrapped up in faux-fur ready for work with a touch of “can it still be the weekend” converse…